Talking about the development trend of furniture e-comm…

E-commerce has been booming in the industry, and various e-commerce websites have sprung up. Furniture e-commerce websites have greater advantages than other websites. Other websites can do, furniture e-commerce websites can also do, and can do better. The e-commerce of the furniture industry shoul

Carry the red decoration to the end

Page 1: Carrying the red decoration to the end Page 2: Carrying the red decoration to the end Red is the color that will never be eliminated. Many friends like to decorate their home with red. The style of fashion and elegance is irreplaceable for other colors. In the life of red home, it will ma

Mannich Zhou Dayong: Good children's furniture can …

Zhou Dayong, General Manager of Beijing Shanshui Furniture Co., Ltd. Mannich, a product that has sentiment, shows personalization [Reporter]: Can you briefly tell us about the development of your company? [Zhou Dayong]: In 1999, we opened the first children's furniture store dedicated to chi

According to Liu Peng: The unique life rhythm

Liu Peng, General Manager of Junxi Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan City [Reporter] The wardrobe industry has been hailed as "the last piece of cake in the home furnishing industry", which was established in 10 years. Please give us a brief introduction to the o

Cell care strategy gives skin a new look

Although the Year of the Dragon has arrived, each of us has grown up to one year old, but I believe that no one will want their skin age to grow with age. I want the skin to be as young as 18 years old, and the skin should start from the cell. Let the skin cells really plump, the skin will easily r

Get out of the 5 skin care labyrinth skin and double th…

The skincare secrets that are circulating in the market have new tricks every day. You are also familiar with the sisters' private house tricks, but are these so-called secret recipes really effective? What are you getting into the skincare maze? Today, I will take you out of the 5 labyrinths t

New security ink features

1, security ink: to achieve special printing needs. In order to meet the needs of the market, a daylight-type color-changing fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink and a hand-temperature color-change fluorescent anti-counterfeiting ink that can be used in tobacco and wine packaging are introduced to

Learn the popular drama actress teaches you how to &quo…

Maybe you don't have a natural CUTE look, but you will be a true master of camouflage. The following popular American drama CUTE actress tells you how to make up the age. Howto: Lip Peak, 25 degrees of magic The lip peak is shaped like a 25-degree angle, which is a veritable “mountain p

The nine feng shui patterns of the dragon fighting

As we all know, the dragon symbolizes good fortune, the dragon symbolizes aspirations, the dragon symbolizes great cause, the dragon symbolizes prosperity; the tiger symbolizes majesty and bravery, the tiger symbolizes vitality, the tiger symbolizes the king's demeanor, and the tiger symbolizes