"Dwelling" is also a refined dwelling family …

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When a couple encounters dwelling, the home carries fashion ideas. Today, Xiaobian introduces several fashionable young people's household items suitable for being in the "dwelling" state. It is small and exquisite, exquisite and beautiful, but i

The corrugated box industry carton forming and printing…

Toning According to the need of additive process, change the corresponding operation of the product, or change the color, or adjust the color. Short ton One of the units of measurement for paper or commercial pulp, also known as US tons, is represented by shton. 1 short ton = 2000 pounds = 907

High-voltage current-limiting fuse principle

High-voltage current-limiting fuse principle High-voltage current-limiting fuses are used to protect electrical equipment and connecting wires. The principle is that the fuse in the high-voltage current-limiting fuse self-melts due to heat when the device exceeds the maximum allowable current. Wh

Daily use details of salt spray test chamber

Whether you are a veteran who has been using for many years, or a rookie who has just come into contact with the salt spray test chamber, there will always be negligence and care in the daily operation. For example, the little things we mentioned today generally do not bring any particularly serio

Teach you how to use eyeliner to improve eye shape

If you want to learn how to draw your eyes, you must know which eye type you belong to, and draw a perfect eyeliner according to the eye shape to make your eyes look perfect. The modification of the concave eye: The sunken eyelids give a three-dimensional sense of rigor, but at the same time it i

Technological innovation promotes the development of th…

[ppzhan Abstract] With the development of science and technology, new technologies in the industry are emerging one after another. At the same time, advances in new technologies often lead to the development of the industry economy. At present, the printing industry's technological innovation m

Supply EVA foam tape

Supply EVA foam tape [ Product introduction of EVA foam tape ] EVA foam tape http:// Color: a variety of optional substrate: BOPP Thickness: 0.05 (mm) Short-term temperature resistance: 0-50°C Custom processing: Yes Width: 24/36/48/60/(mm) Long-term temperature resistance: 10-35°C Mode