The color contrast in printing is related to the area

(1) Hue combination, only the same area of ​​color can be compared to the actual difference, there is a confrontation between each other, the contrast is relatively strong. (2) Comparing the attributes of the two sides will not change. One side will increase the area and obtain the

Wood use of Pinus sylvestris

The material is strong and the texture is straight, which can be used for construction, furniture and other materials. The trunk can be cut with resin to extract pineapple and turpentine, and the bark can be extracted. The tree shape and the trunk are both beautiful. It can be

Wooden desk maintenance

The greatest advantage of natural wood furniture products is the natural wood grain and the changing natural color. Since natural wood is a constantly breathing organism, it must be placed in a temperature and humidity environment, while avoiding the presence of beverages, che

Furniture hardware market "recovery" price &q…

The hardware furniture market began to slowly "recover". However, the reporter's investigation found that along with this "recovery boom" is a rising tide in the furniture industry, as raw materials such as plates, hardware, paints and labor costs continue to rise, furniture

The wardrobe design is the choice of a good young man

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] For different people, the requirements for the style and style of the wardrobe will be different, and for young people, especially single female white-collar workers. The simple and stylish wardrobe is what they like, and the wardrobe of this style looks gener

The color itself has a zero degree contrast

(1) Achromatic contrasts Achromatic contrasts Although there is no hue, their combination is useful in practical applications. Such as black and white, black and gray, medium gray and light gray, or black and white and gray, black and dark gray and light gray and so on. The contrast effect feels g

How to ensure that the ultraviolet aging test box is in…

Every year, the destruction of materials by sunlight and moisture in the natural world will cause unpredictable economic losses. The ultraviolet aging test chamber can increase the temperature by exposing the materials to be tested in a controlled interactive cycle of sunlight and moisture. To exp

Morphological characteristics of Qinling fir

Trees, up to 50 meters; annual branches light yellowish gray, light yellow or light brown yellow, hairless or grooved with sparse fine hair, two or three years of branches yellowish gray or gray; winter buds conical, resin. The leaves are arranged in two rows or nearly two col

Summer selection of natural foundation is the first cho…

In the hot summer, sweating is a must-have in the summer. Today, I will share with you the light natural liquid foundation suitable for summer use. Come and pick a natural and pollution-free foundation to let your skin breathe freely. Clinique Clinique Uniform Foundation This liquid foundation ha

Lesson 5 "Origin and Development of Western Humani…

Mandatory Edition 3, Lesson 5 "Origin and Development of Western Humanistic Spirit" ppt In the era of Greek mythology before the 7th century BC, Zeus was the king of the gods and the king of mankind. "Everything originates in water and returns to water"-Thales (6th century BC) &q