Thermal Transfer Technology and Application Solutions (…

1, common textile printing technology The common textile transfer technology is film transfer and sublimation transfer. 1.Sublimation transfer: The current technology is mainly applicable to clothes whose surface is polyester, such as fast-sweat shirts and physical comfort shirts, and white clot

Elastic printing cloth process example

The weft elastic fabric is generally made of pure cotton yarn and weft cotton spandex core-spun yarn. The spandex content is 2% - 4%. It has very high zonal elasticity, good anti-wrinkle performance, moisture absorption and breathability, smooth feel, comfortable wear and no pressure. Our company

Special Purpose Adhesive Formulation (14)

Silicone copolymer resin high temperature strain adhesive 2# Component dosage /g component dosage /g Silicone copolymer resin 1 mica powder (200 mesh) 0.05 Titanium dioxide 0.65 asbestos fine fiber (0.2mm) 0.2 Zinc oxide 0.1 Preparation and curing 3 hours at 270°C and 0.5MPa pressure. Use

Guipeng Innovation Launches and Launches Color Card Kin…

Guipeng's innovative research and development introduced the color card king thick and thin all-round business ship, which combines the advantages of offset printing press (high quality), single sheet printing machine (printed thick paper) and rotary press (fast speed) into one cost-effective

Belt-guided digital jet printing (below)

(3) Color processing of images, pictures, halftone image series, etc. The most common problem is color. There are many reasons why the final result is not as expected, and one of the reasons is probably related to the printing ink and the printing method. The same dyes are printed in different wa

Environmental protection tea box

Recently, a brand new environment-friendly tea specialty fresh-keeping box was introduced. The compressors and refrigerants are not required during the refrigeration process of the product, eliminating noise and freon pollution. The storage box is designed to have a temperature range of 0°C~-8

Simple StepsTM Packaging

Sealed Air's Cryovac food packaging division developed a Simple Steps package for agricultural products. This new type of vacuum skin packaging that can be used for microwave oven heating has won the Gold Award for technological innovation. The package is mainly for vegetable products and is s

Green packaging based on material and design requiremen…

With the progress of human civilization and the development of social economy, "green" and "environmental protection" have gradually become the common voice of the world. Green mountains and waters, fresh air and natural non-toxic foods have all belonged to humans. However, wit

Anti-dyed (Batik) printing principle

Batik is a traditional physical anti-staining process. It uses wax as the main anti-dyeing material. It melts different proportions of the mixed wax and coats it at the appropriate temperature on the board that needs to be colored. The wax coating will appear fine cracks. A certain amount of color

On Several Factors Influencing Overlay Accuracy

Color printing is the process of color combination. This process is called overprinting. Accurate and intuitive overprinting is to make bulk prints a copy of the original. However, in the production process, overprint errors often occur, affecting the appearance, or even become a waste product. Th