Alternative exotic makeup

The indian Indian tribe, the golden Nanyang island, and the blue Aegean Sea... On a romantic midsummer night, wearing a very ethnic style, painting a different exotic makeup, holding hands with the lover These charming and colorful foreign countries, that is what makes people look forward to, let&#

Make-up mix and match to lead the fashion trend

The change in make-up is the change in color. Simple colors can also be combined with a variety of make-up, as long as you grasp the fashion elements of color, you can also lead the fashion trend. A mix of gold and silver eye shadows and heavy metal glossy nails Gold Silver Eyeshadow + Heavy Meta

Make-up skills reveal the villagers

Want to get rid of the ordinary image of the village? Then quickly learn the most innovating makeup techniques and transform them together. Sweet makeup, turning around is no longer a dream. I want to be refreshed - the makeup is in place first. The skin looks like “a pure and flawless skin

Bridal makeup is natural and elegant

The bride's make-up should be different from ordinary makeup, which is extraordinarily cautious. Not only pay attention to the modification of face and skin color, the overall performance of makeup is especially natural, elegant and joyful, and it must make the makeup lasting and not fall off.

Korean glamorous actress temperament big PK

With the popularity of Korean dramas, I believe that many beautiful Korean actresses are gradually becoming familiar with us, especially the following ones, all of whom are women who are very popular in Korea! Let us appreciate their refined temperament. Zhang Yizhen Sun Yizhen, born in an ordi

iPhone bottle cap opener: really enough tide

Have you seen the bottle opener? But Xiao Bian sure you have not seen such a smart bottle opener before! iOpener is a bottle opener for iPhone. It can not only help you open the bottle cap, but also keep track of how many caps you have opened, where and when you drink, and even share it with acebo

Take a look at Faye Wong's classic stage makeup

Wang Fei has been on the stage for so many years, and the classics created are countless. Let’s take a look at Faye Wong’s classic makeup ! Faye Wong makeup At the 2010 concert, Faye Wong reloaded 5 times in total, and appeared in 6 different styles, but the most amazing thing is th

Bai Jianfeng: In the inflation period, it is necessary …

On May 10th, 2011, the first “Beijing Brand Furniture and Home Chain Stores Family Meeting and Friendship Dinner” held by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Association Jingpai Furniture Brand Alliance was held in Beijing Shangdong Traders

Is the food packaging paper more "toxic"?

As the saying goes, "Diseases enter the mouth." Recently, the media exposed the barrels containing popcorn containing fluorescent whitening agents that may cause cancer. This news has made food packaging a hot topic for people to question and focus on food safety. Please pay attention--

[Bicycle class]: A simple way to bid you to say goodbye…

When riding, the position or bicycle is not adjusted properly. After riding, you often feel physical pain. Now for the location of riding pain, list the causes and solutions. Shoulder pain The pain that caused this area was mainly because the upper tube of the car was relatively long, the handle