Tianyu smart card operating system TYCOS technology

Keywords: YCOS 1, CPU card and operating system COS The CPU card is an IC card with a microprocessor in an integrated circuit of the IC card. The hardware of the CPU card is mainly composed of a microprocessor (CPU), a program memory (ROM), a temporary working memory (RAM), a user memory (EEPROM)

Cryovac® Vacuum Shrink Bag

Cryovac vacuum shrink bags are mainly used to package fresh foods, such as boneless or unbone, and initially cut and cut into small portions of beef, pork, lamb, and veal. In addition to cheese, smoked and processed meat products can also be packaged. Our multi-layer vacuum shrink bags are durable

Die cutter

The utility model relates to an anvil arranged on a die roll of a die cutting machine. It is a hollow cylinder composed of two or more cylindrical watts with the same radius of curvature, which is composed of two ends with a radius of 360 degrees corresponding to their corresponding radian. Each c

Four sides sealed single or multiple toothpick bags

Four-sided single or multiple toothpick bags, involving a kind of packaging bag. The utility model is composed of an upper surface (1) and a bottom surface (2). The four sides of the upper surface (1) and the lower bottom surface (2) are hot pressed and integrated to form a hollow bag body (3), an

Crayola Art Supplies Creative Packaging (6)

Today, Full-Closed Paper Box is frequently-used in the market, especially for the electronic products, such as cable, power bank, car charger, wall charger and so on. Yao Long is a company specializing in printing, plastic and carton production, and is a convenient one-stop print solu

Aqueous Ink for Green Packaging and Analysis of Problem…

With the continuous improvement of human environmental awareness, green environmental protection has become the theme of development in the 21st century. In recent years, many countries have added a lot of requirements and restrictions on packaging and printing in terms of hygiene and environmenta

The function of the physical "IC card" of the…

With China's reform and opening up and rapid development, competition among the banking industry has intensified, especially after joining the WTO. As foreign banks successively landed in the Chinese market, how can domestic banks ensure that the fierce market competition is invincible? Become t

Plastic bucket filling and sealing machine

A plastic barrel filling and sealing machine includes a filling part, a sealing part and an auxiliary part of the host machine, and the auxiliary machine includes a hoisting machine and a capping machine, wherein the filling part includes a cylinder body and an automatic liquid feeding system and

Splash-proof straw bag

The utility model relates to a packaging bag with a straw, in particular to a spray-proof straw packaging bag, which mainly comprises a bag body. The utility model is characterized in that there is a straw isolation bag in the cavity of the bag body, and the bag body is There is a straw closed cha

Segmented roller double-sided machine

Segmented roller double-sided machine, including the introduction section, hot section, cold section and power section, is characterized in that the pressure carrier in the overall width direction above the heating box in the hot section is composed of more than two sets of segments. The roller gr