Mask upgrades make you reborn

The sun all year round will destiny the skin, whether indoors or outdoors. The weather is the instructor of skin aging. If you want to solve the dry and rough skin and wrinkled aging syndrome in time, you should choose the mask for you. First, the mask upgrade password The mask has been inextrica

Metalcraft Launches Upgraded RFID Windshield Tag

Metalcraft announced an upgraded EPC Gen 2 ultra-high frequency (UHF) windshield label featuring KSW Microtec's WindSpeed ​​inlays and Impinj's Monza RFID chip to increase vehicle code storage and access control . This standard windshield label, 4 inches by 1 inch in size, is

Foot massage method is fast and thin 10 pounds

The combination of human feet is the epitome of the three-dimensional distribution of human organ tissues. When the internal organs or glands are abnormal, the reflex areas of the feet will have crystal deposition and become (pain points). Each tactile point has different tactile responses, some li

Two jealous coups to combine beauty and lose weight

Losing weight with vinegar is recognized by many dieters, but how to eat a lot of vinegar is really a headache, don't worry, the following small series will introduce you two ways of jealousy, please use the majority of dieters to fully Play the role of vinegar. 1. Vinegar onion natural diet:

Stylish and convenient inverted cone beach chair

The warm sunshine and the sea breeze make many people linger on the beach. But trying to find a fixed seat on the beach is not an easy task. The clever designer has been cleverly conceived to bring us a "cone-shaped land" on the beach - a reverse-cone beach chair. Simply insert the tip in

Jolin Summer Beauty Skin Cheats

The breeze blew the summer, this is the most charming and charming season for women in the year. At the same time, under the scorching sun, ultraviolet rays pose a huge threat to the skin. Allergies, dermatitis and spots begin to lick women's delicateness. Skin. In the summer, what are the face

Women's life skin care treatment calculates the val…

When it comes to the pursuit of beauty, the enthusiasm of women is never diminished. We just want to do an experiment. If you want to look like 25 years old, how much it will cost in this life. We counted the accounts: If you are now 25 years old and the average life expectancy is 80 years old, th

How to draw a big eye

Many MMs want to have a pair of beautiful big eyes. Although cosmetic surgery can help you achieve it quickly, the "open eyes" will still make people feel a little scary. So is there any other way to have beautiful big eyes? See how the open-eye makeup is painted! Big eyes Step 1 First

Counting 10 rarities that were sent into space (Photos)

The little Lego dolls boarded the "Juneau" spaceship, and this is only the latest one in a long list of grotesque items sent to the universe. The US "Time" magazine recently took stock of the weird souvenirs of spacecraft in space history, from Buzz Lightyear, golf clubs to the

OL is responsible for the skin “decompression”

Most women feel that they are under a lot of pressure from the outside world. They are very busy and have no time to skin care. As a result, the pressure on the skin is getting bigger and bigger. In fact, skin care does not require too much time. The most important thing is to see how you can reduc