REFLEXION - perfect insulation

Perfectly insulated REFLEXION

Heat reflection for perfect thermal balance

New Safeguard REFLEXION is an innovative high-tech product. It is based on an idea in space travel technology to apply a layer of aluminum on the Neo-Pak film. The smooth surface can reflect most of the rays. According to EMPA's laboratory tests, it can reflect 75% of infrared radiation, which means that most of the body's radiant heat is reflected back. TUV has confirmed that 97% of electromagnetic radiation (heat) is reflected.

In this complex process, the film vaporizes with aluminum in a vacuum. Unlike other films, Neo-Prosperity Film has an almost completely smooth surface. Therefore, only some aluminum nano-molecules can achieve extremely high heat reflection.

The result of adopting REFLEXION is the creation of a high-tech jacket that is not only waterproof, windproof, and breathable, but more importantly it is light and warm, without the need for additional insulation.

The wearer gets extra protection: the body's heat is reflected most effectively and locked in the clothes. Therefore, it does not require a large amount of fillers and additional insulating materials. The ultra-light wearing comfort of high-tech research and development is designed for high altitude climbers and advanced medical rescue equipment.

New Safeguard REFLEXION / 4th dimension

The new Baoshu REFLEXION reflects your body heat. The new protection is particularly light. The new protection of REFLEXION 100% waterproof, windproof and has the best breathability.

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