OPP tobacco packaging security film

The new type of OPP is made of a three-layer film. The bottom layer is made of advanced steam fumigation process to make it silvery and bright on the surface. The middle layer provides the basis for printing. After special processing, it can be directly on the OPP film. Printing provides a reliable guarantee; the uppermost layer is the printing surface, which can now overprint 16 colors directly.

Has clear advantages: First, good sealing. The experimental data shows that the new OPP film is more than twice as hermetic as its traditional film, which makes its product more moisturizing, preservation, and longer preservation; Second, anti-counterfeiting is strong. As the synthetic technology used in the new film and the special printing technology have high scientific and technological content, counterfeit production is almost impossible, providing a strong guarantee for the anti-counterfeiting of commodities: Third, harmless materials. The raw materials used in the new OPP membranes are degradable materials, so they are fully in line with international standards in environmental protection. From a development point of view, the use of non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting materials is a general trend.

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