Application of "Environmentally Friendly" Flexible Packaging Composite Adhesive (I)

"Environmental protection, health, safety" is a global topic and a problem that all industries are concerned about. The adhesive used in the flexible packaging industry has always been one of the core issues discussed in relation to “environmental protection, health, and safety”. This is mainly because flexible packaging has the advantages of convenience, high efficiency, and versatility, and has been used in depth, extensively and extensively. This also makes its impact on the environment, health, and safety more and more significant, and has increasingly attracted people's attention.

Europe and the United States have been at the forefront of the global application of flexible packaging composite adhesives, and (a) this has always been a leader in Asia, especially dry compounding, as it has adapted to the widest range of material functional complementarities, compounded for decades. The rapid development of materials has brought about tremendous changes in the umbrella ball packaging industry. The technology and production of two-component polyurethane adhesives also tend to mature, and its excellent performance, wide adaptability, and low price can meet almost all the requirements of flexible packaging composites, Shenzhen adhesiveness, softness, heat resistance, cold resistance It can be used to pack all kinds of acid, spicy, salty, sweet, oily foods, cosmetics, composites, anti-media, transparency, flowability, initial tackiness, anti-ultraviolet radiation and sizing operability. Even pesticides containing DMF, so users of packaging in various countries are very happy with the Xianchuan bicomponent 1) u adhesive, but it has three fatal shortcomings that have led to it eventually will reduce the application, if possible, people will again I'm happy to see it exit the packaging stage. First of all, in the composite processing process, a large amount of solvents must be discharged to pollute the environment. Secondly, the composite material contains trace amounts of residual solvent, and Liu Weijue produces cattle. In addition, residual TDI has a consensus on the human health hazards.

Although the world's technological information is circulating rapidly, the roads adopted by different countries are still very different and form a unique R&D and market. For example, in Europe, the research of polyurethane water dispersion adhesives and solventless adhesives is at the forefront, and the market has also developed rapidly. In the United States, reactive hot melt adhesives develop faster. In short, all countries in the world are actively exploring alternative varieties. At the present time, it can be concluded that: Great progress has been made in replacing the two-component solvent Pu, but we have yet to find a comparable product. The environmentally friendly safety material replaces it. Specific reactions to the market, see this phenomenon, First, the demand for solvent-based polyurethane adhesives is still rapid development, the absolute amount of growth is much higher than other types of adhesives growth; Second, in some areas is limited to certain Industrial areas, especially solvent adhesives, hot-melt adhesives, water-based polyurethane adhesives, alcohol-soluble polyurethane adhesives have a faster growth; Third, for the "green adhesive" must from the "safety, environmental protection, health "Comprehensively resolved in three areas, and the current "green adhesive" is still difficult to give people a more comprehensive sense of security. You can see Table 1.

At present, the production time of adhesives in China's flexible packaging industry is very short. Through these years of competition, a large number of technical research personnel have been trained. The experience in polyurethane adhesive technology research has been almost exclusively focused on two-component polyurethane adhesives. . Domestic adhesive companies have matured in the production and application of aromatic solvent-based two-component polyurethane adhesives, and have occupied nearly all of the market share of ordinary adhesives. This is made at a price lower than that of imported brands and it is extremely difficult. On functional adhesives, the successful development of Beijing Gaomeng Chemical Co., Ltd. YH3640 is of great significance. In other words, in the field of flexible packaging aromatic solvent-based two-component polyurethane adhesives, domestic enterprises can be all aspects of the world - Streamline industry competition. The market demand for such adhesives will also increase rapidly rather than shrink, which is the first priority. However, the growth of the environment-friendly adhesive market is also accelerating, and it eventually occupies a certain share. In addition to the exploration of individual companies in alcohol-soluble polyurethane adhesives, the research and production of other alternative products are almost blank. Adhesive companies with strong domestic technology, such as: Beijing Gaomeng Chemical Co., Ltd. in water-based adhesives, solvent-free; Beihuayuan in solvent-free; Europe and the United States in alcohol-soluble adhesives; Rohm and Haas in water-based polyurethane Adhesives, etc. have made certain technical reserves and actively promoted the market.

(to be continued)

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