Several sets of reasonable plans for packaging strategy (on)

First, emphasize the packaging strategy of commodity specialty

This packaging strategy is mainly to highlight the use, nature, and quality of the goods through the packaging, to give the customer a convenience, a sense of time saving, and to clearly bring the added value or remaining use value to the customer, which is highly favored by consumers.
1 single-use package. It refers to the design of challenge packaging according to the consumer's habits, and the contents are for one use only. Such as instant noodles sold in the market, teabags, and a one-time amount of coffee packaging. (One-time use of packaging is very convenient, deeply loved by consumers.) Another example is the packaging of similar oral liquids from Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar in China. There are 12 boxes in one box, which is especially suitable for families who rarely cook. The small package of white sugar is not only convenient to use, but also resistant to moisture and insects, and is well received by consumers.
2 transparent packaging and "window" packaging. Transparent packaging includes transparent packaging and partially transparent packaging. Through transparent packaging materials, some or all of the interior contents of the products are displayed in a transparent form, which enables buyers to directly see the image, color, and quality of the products, which can reflect the natural beauty of the products. It also facilitates customer identification and purchase. Such as Japan's "Epworth" brand various models of single, record player, outsourcing with a layer of transparent plastic film, so that consumers can see the inside of the goods at a glance. China's "Golden Emperor" brand chocolate is a rigid transparent plastic box packaging, all kinds of chocolate in the box at a glance, so that consumers can not help but take the initiative, sales soared. Open-window packaging is to open a window in a certain part of the outer package, with cellophane or transparent film closed, so that the best part of the product is displayed. This method is used more in food, textiles, light industrial products and hardware packaging. For example, the clothing packaging box usually adopts the form of “window-opening” packaging. The position of the “window-opening” is best in the collar. The food can be seen locally and the whole scene can be known. The window can be smaller. 

Second, similar packaging strategy

All kinds of goods produced by enterprises use the same patterns, similar colors, and the same features on the package appearance, so that customers realize that this is the same company's products. This packaging strategy is called a similar packaging strategy. This packaging strategy is not only conducive to marketing, enhance the company's reputation, but also save packaging design and production costs, but also help eliminate and reduce consumer distrust of new products, to create conditions for the rapid opening up the market. For example, Panasonic and Aiwa Corporation's series of products all use similar packaging, designs, trademarks, and colors, so that customers can be seen at a glance and the products are selling well. However, the use of this strategy must be a product with similar uses and properties, or it will offset the role of packaging in identifying goods.
Third, the standard strategy

This packaging strategy mainly uses the same kind of goods whose packaging patterns, shapes, and colors are the same or similar. It divides the trademark into several parts and distributes them on a group of goods. Putting together this group of goods is a complete trademark. Pattern or name. Such as a variety of photocopies designed by the tobacco factory, such as exquisite sets of Toppan package. Like the “West Lake” of the Hangzhou Tobacco Factory in China, “Chutian Tour” of the Wuhan Tobacco Factory, and “Zhangjiajie” produced in Hunan. These sets of labels are much favored by collectors. In addition, a variety of labels, canned labels, candy packaging, etc., can also use the label strategy. 

Fourth, packaging items accompanying documents packaging strategy

The packaging strategy is to include a document in the product package, or a marriage card, a birthday card, or a celebration speech, etc., to provide convenience for some unsociable socializers. Such as the invention of the invention of wine packaging documents, that is, put a small file at the bottle cap, according to the different content of the document in the bottle cap surface marked, consumers need to purchase according to different needs Make a choice. Another example is “Mengniu milk”, which can be seen as a small book of historical stories after opening the box. This packaging strategy is a relatively new packaging method, and its development prospects are very broad.
(to be continued)

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