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In order to give customers the promise of quality, each product undergoes rigorous laboratory testing before, during, and after production. Throughout the testing process, the functionality of the product will be continuously tested, such as water resistance, air permeability, and abrasion resistance.

Rain Test The durability test for waterproof garments is achieved through sensors. A standard amount of rainfall and adjustable spray device provide a very close to the real environment. This rain test is used to test the tightness of the garment's interface, its ability to resist water, etc.

Wear Test The outer fabric and inner lining of garments and shoes were tested for high abrasion resistance by adding high-thickness friction.

Tensile test For the outer fabrics, liners, etc. of garments and shoes, the tensile strength of the material after the film was added was tested by high-strength stretching.

Non-stick water test The outer fabric of the garment is continuously sprayed by an adjustable water spray device to make it close to a true standard rainfall environment and used to test the non-stick water properties of the fabric after the film has been added.

Place the electronic sensor inside the walking test shoes, bend the shoes continuously and soak it in a sink for more than four hours. This test is equivalent to walking 300 kilometers. The electronic sensor will give an alarm as long as water penetrates into the electronic sensor. .

Each Sympatex product undergoes a rigorous quality assurance system from its development stage to its final entry into the store. In addition, Sympatex will also purchase products from Sympatex and buy them for testing. This ensures that consumers always get top quality when purchasing Sympatex products.

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