Europe and the United States appeared pure pulp packaging paper

Recently, European and American markets launched a brand new PLMEX food special packaging paper, which is 100% pure pulp, does not contain fluorescent agents and chemical substances harmful to the human body. It is water- and oil-repellent, anti-sticky, and heat-resistant (resistant to temperatures from 200 °C to 25 °C. The characteristics of the product comply with the FDA and Germany BGA food hygiene standards. This food special paper can be recycled after cleansing with clean water after use, and can be used repeatedly 50 times. This type of food paper is rolled and pressed into a variety of paper cup shapes. Whether steamed, baked, or microwave heated, it won't distort and fade.

Artificial Garland/Ivy/Cane

Artificial Garland/Ivy/Cane,White Rose Garland ,Artificial Flower Garland ,Silk Rose Garland

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