Application Analysis of Professional Carton/Carton Structure Design Software (I)

Compared with previous years, it is not difficult for people to find that those packaging paper boxes/cartons in life are also a lot more angry. Colorful, novel, and various forms of cartons/cartons are filled with shelves. Packaging has become one of the important determinants for people to buy goods. Therefore, today's commodity manufacturers not only pay attention to the design of color patterns and the quality of printing, but also pay more attention to the development of box-type handicrafts. Professional cartons/carton structural design software is an important tool for improving the quality of packaging design. Some forward-thinking packaging companies are seeking professional packaging design tools and carton/carton proofing tools. Using the three-port function of professional design software to form folded cartons/cartons, it directly simulates the effect of placing products in boxes and placing them on supermarket shelves. The customer not only can see the three-dimensional effect of the designed product packaging on the display screen, but also allows the customer to get the actual packaging effect of the designed box immediately without the die-cutting production equipment in the factory. A digital packaging era is approaching.

Many large software companies at home and abroad are committed to the development of professional packaging design software. There are a variety of carton/carton structural design software active on the market, such as ArtiosCAD of Esko, mp day ck of Arden, and CS of the Netherlands The PackDesign2000, Bangyou ((a) oyoTech) company Box-ve,, um, UK K/Make of AG/CAD, EngV; ew company EV PackageDesgner carton/carton design software. These specialized design softwares have their own characteristics and have a high market share in the world.


ArtiosCAD Packaging Structure Design Software

Art; osCAD is the most widely used packaging structure design software, with special tools designed for packaging experts, suitable for structural design, product development, virtual prototypes and processing, can greatly increase production efficiency: is a designer of corrugated boxes and folding cartons The ideal tool. Art; osCAD software has tens of thousands of sets in use worldwide, only 200 sets in China.

Efficient drawing tools and self-expanding standard library. Designers for designers and die makers have a variety of powerful drawing tools. The generated designs include all dimensions of the carton, which can be easily generated. Detailed production document. StyleMaker can also add its own design to the library.

Art; osCAD through the cost forecasting function, combined with the company's production equipment, for each graphic production cost estimate, and the use of smart typesetting function, according to the principle of the lowest cost to choose the best typesetting scheme.

The complete 3D compositing feature allows users to immediately preview the design. Because it retains the box-type structure in the knife line and pressure line discretionary definition, can be combined with graphic data, the production of digital boxes. Since the capacity of the digital box-like file is very small, it can be transmitted through the network or directly open the digital box, thus reducing the communication errors and check back and forth.

In addition, Art; osCAD has intelligent layout, die-cut version design, Report Maker for filing and guide the follow-up process and other powerful features.

Lmpact packaging box and mold design software

Lmpact packaging box and mold design software is a set of software designed for carton production, has a high market share in the world, there are only 150 sets of applications in China, and the software has all been finished.

Added a design material library to the latest version of the wood software, including handles, flaps, and different symbol signs such as moisture-proof, fragile and other signs.

The software has powerful intelligent computing capabilities. The software has a large carton graphics library inside, collecting hundreds of types of floor plans for corrugated cartons and corrugated displays that have been approved by the European Union of Corrugated Manufacturers and commonly used in the corrugated industry in the world, as well as boxed drawings certified by the European Union of Cardboard and Paperboard Consortium. Lmpact software has an automatic calculation and compensation function. As long as the floor plan of the box type is selected, the input paperboard is weighed, the lap paper and the inner paper are quantified, and the actual size of each part of the corrugated box is the actual size of the corrugated box. The computer will automatically adjust the carton pattern. Size and thickness, automatically reserved for precise indentation folding

Parts. For corrugated product drawings other than the standard box type library, as long as the above parameter data is input, the actual required size can also be calculated and these parameters can be defined as standard parameters. Lmpact software can also combine printed graphics with carton structures. Lmpact's typesetting system can design an optimized typesetting method for the most provincial materials, which can save costs and reduce the production of waste products. The mpact software has a unique 3D stereoscopic display function. After the operator enters the box type, size, and graphics on the carton, he or she can use a 3D2 body function to fold a plane graphic into a carton from different angles, and the folding box process can be shot as a short film, rotating 360° to show the full range. Three-dimensional preview effect.

Impact software can drive most of the box proofing systems currently on the market, and can complete all production parameter settings in the software system, such as production speed, blade type, depth of blade cutting, indentation depth and width.

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