Water-soluble ink cleaner formulation and preparation

The formulation and preparation process of the water-soluble ink cleaning agent mainly solves the problem that the existing special ink cleaning agent is expensive, and the emulsifying cleaning agent has a large viscosity when used, and cannot be automatically cleaned, and cannot be used particularly under low temperature conditions, and is flammable. The present invention provides a water-soluble ink cleaning agent having a high-efficiency organic solvent and a surface active agent for compatibility; it uses monobutyl ether, isopropyl alcohol, coconut oil, ethanol, soda ash, sodium tripolyphosphate, flavor, oxalic acid and Deionized water composition, in the normal temperature and pressure conditions were prepared A liquid and B liquid, and then mixed and stirred. The formula is reasonable, the process is simple, the use effect is good, and the safety and the price are low.

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