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Sympatex has a very warm and positive meaning in German. The name and its logo were put on the market in 1985. The triangle's outer frame stands for determination and the design in the triangular shape is special: the blue sky is filled with clouds, it symbolizes that when you wear Sympatex, your world will always be sunny. Sympatex names and logos are protected registered trademarks worldwide.

Sympatex's triangular logo symbolizes the perfect combination of high technology and comfort. It stands for advanced, high-quality waterproof, windproof, and breathable features. The Sympatex film produced by Sympatex Technologies Gmbh can be combined with various materials into different structures such as second floor, third floor and fourth floor. The final weight adds only 30 grams to the jacket and 4 to the shoes. g, and at an extremely low temperature, it can also maintain its initial softness and elasticity.

As one of the proponents of functional waterproof breathable products, Sympatex brand logo has become a guarantee of comfort, high performance and high quality for more than 20 years. It has now come to China and has obtained a new name: Xin Bao Shi. “New” stands for leading technological innovation; “Protection” stands for all-weather protection under various circumstances; “Appropriate” means that the waterproof, breathable and light-weight texture brings you comfort.

Xinbao Shi has a wide product line, rigorously testing fabrics, clothing, and shoes, and continues to provide everyone with the best protection and comfort.

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