Canada developed a new type of high-heat-resistant food packaging material

◆Development: Food Technology Center, GueCph University, Ontario, Canada ◆Features: A new type of PEN polyethylene naphthalene phenolic resin has been successfully developed in recent days. It is reported that the use of this PEN polyethylene naphthalene phenol resin material and the current traditional food packaging material PET polyethylene terephthalate mixed to form a new PEN/PET material, with high heat resistance, resistance to embrittlement, not afraid of moisture, Antioxidant and UV resistant advantages. Due to the high heat resistance of new food packaging materials, food packaging can be completed in high temperature processing. For example, jam can be hot-packed at 94°C, so the food life can be effectively extended.
â—† Uses: Can be used for food packaging.

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