The First Domestic Electrolysis Moisture Tester

With the research results of "Languang Laboratory" and a large amount of experimental data, Labthink Languang has successfully developed the first domestic electrolysis apparatus. The moisture permeability is an important performance index of drug packaging materials and can directly affect the stability of the quality of the packaged drug. At home and abroad, there are many test methods for moisture permeability. From the principle, there are weighing method, humidity sensor method, electrolysis method and infrared method. Each method has its own merits.

Jinan Languang's TSY-W3 electrolysis moisture penetrator is the first moisture permeability tester manufactured in China using the electrolytic principle. Made according to ISO15106-3 and D IN 53122-2 standards, excellent imported valves, fittings, and sensing elements are selected to ensure the tightness of the entire test system; high system sensitivity, stable operating performance, accurate and reliable test results, and operation very simple. Another great advantage of this instrument is that it can provide a wider range of test environments. There is almost no requirement for the laboratory environment itself. According to the needs of users, the temperature and humidity of the test chamber can be changed to simulate more storage environments, thus making it a material manufacturer. More reasonable adjustment of materials, cost savings provide a wealth of reliable data.

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