Visual Design - Lateral and Reverse Thinking

In everyday life, when people think about the problem, they often think "when thinking about it right" and "talking sideways" when they speak. This is one of the forms of lateral thinking.

In the visual arts thinking, if you just think along a certain path, you can't find the best feeling and you can't get into the best creative state. At this time, thinking can diverge to the left or right, or reverse reasoning can sometimes yield unexpected gains, which can lead to the improvement of visual art thinking and the success of creation.

This situation is very common in artistic creation. When Da Vinci created the Last Supper, the image of the traitor Jew who betrayed Christ had never been properly conceived. He followed the normal idea of ​​thinking hard and never found the ideal Jewish archetype. It was not until one day before the monastery's president came to warn the painter that he would deduct his gratuity if he did not do anything. Da Vinci was already amused by the Dean’s greed and ugliness. At the moment, when he saw him, Da Vinci turned to think about why he did not use him as a prototype for Judas. So he immediately wrote down the abbess dean, so that everyone in this immortal masterpiece has an accurate and vivid image. Under certain circumstances, lateral thinking can play an important role in broadening and inspiring creative ideas.

Reverse thinking is one of the ways of thinking beyond the conventional. In accordance with conventional creative ideas, sometimes our works will lack creativity or follow others' steps. When you fall into a dead corner of thinking, you can try reverse thinking, break the original mindset, go against it and open up new artistic realms.

In the ancient Greek shrine there is a two-sided God that can be viewed on both sides. Coincidentally, we also have a half-faced Ji Gong monk who is crying and half crying in China's Lohan Church. People derive the "two-faced God thinking" method from this image. According to the laws of dialectical unity, when we are thinking about visual arts, we can make a reverse thinking based on conventional thinking and combine the two opposite things to find out the law. Can also be based on the principle of unity of opposites, replace the subjective and objective conditions, visual art thinking to achieve a special effect.

Reverse thinking is one of the commonly used training methods in graphic design. For example, in his work “Birds Change Fish”, this work breaks the mindset, gradually transforms the flying birds of the sky into a river by a gradual process, and the white sky gradually transitions into the fish in the water. The relationship between the map and the fish is reversed. The picture is naturally harmonious and intriguing. Another work, “Waterfall,” also uses a reverse thinking method in its conception. Using the illusion of perspective, a complete set of flow processes for drains and waterfalls is formed, and local changes are made in seemingly normal patterns. Reasonable contradictory space, after careful analysis, it was found that this picture was against the routine (Figure).

From the development history of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign fashion arts, we can see that the fashion trend is often influenced by adverse thinking. When a certain style is widely popular, the opposite style will arise. For example, in a certain period of time or in certain circumstances, people are pursuing eye-dressing that is decorated with exquisite decoration and exaggerated style, and satisfy their own aesthetic psychology with luxurious and splendid style. When this style fills the streets and lanes, people begin to reflect again and experience a fresh realm from simplicity and simplicity to form a new pop style. Many modern and innovative fashion designers often use reverse thinking methods to create their own creative ideas. “Let one eye look at the world”, break the convention, look at the opposite direction of what you are touching, think about it in reverse, and look for more reasons in the sideways – reverse – forward direction. Ask more about why, a few more times, there will be more creative ideas. In the process of artistic creation, the use of reverse thinking methods to counteract people’s normal creative realms can sometimes produce surprising artistic effects.

Author: Chen Dianguo

Source: Art Design Network

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