Triple ultrasonic screen cleaning machine

Zhongzhong Printing Equipment Co., Ltd. launched a three-in-one ultrasonic screen cleaning machine. The machine has built-in environmental cleaning agent, and integrates ultrasonic, water washing, drying, high-speed rotation of a full set of processes, so that the elimination of residual ink on the screen version of the work once completed, improve work efficiency, and make the screen can be recycled.

Silicone Baby Sippy Lids

Silicone Baby Sippy Lids is a great tool for drinking. it can change the scene of daily spills in your home to a happy and clean mealtime and help you to be a confident happy mom, knowing your kids are safe. Silicone baby sippy lid fits open 2.5-3.78 inches so most cup can be covered by silicone baby sippy lid. Silicone baby sippy lids also easy to clean so most mom love to use it while traveling or going everywhere. Care and Cleaning: Wash thoroughly before initial use and after each use. Dishwasher-safe or hand wash in soapy water. Do not microwave. Can be boiled or sterilized.

Silicone sippy lids

collapsible coffee mug

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Silicone Baby Sippy Lids

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