Small multifunctional print press

Patent Name: Small Multi-function Print Printing Machine Patent Application Number: 02240896.7
Publication number: 2558515
Applicant: Li Yunping The utility model comprises a pedestal: two racks mounted on the pedestal; a driving roller fixed on the pedestal; a driven roller connected between the two racks; an adjusting device disposed on the pedestal, The adjusting handle and the connecting member are included. Two ends of the driven roller are connected with the connecting member. The connecting member is movably connected with the frame. One end of the adjusting handle is fixed on the connecting member, and the driven roller can be adjusted by adjusting the handle. The relative position of the driving roller; Positioning device, fixed on the base to support the table. The printing press of the present invention can be used for relief printing, intaglio printing, flat printing, and mud printing.

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