Heat sealable biaxially oriented polymer film and preparation method thereof

Patent Name: A heat-sealable biaxially oriented polymer film and its preparation method 【Applicant】 China Lucky Film Group Corporation [Inventor] Wang Xuliang; Li Minhe 【Master Applicant】 071054 Jianshe South Road, Baoding City, Hebei Province No. 1 [application number] 200510012693.7
【 Application Date 】 2005.07.26
[Examination and announcement number] 1727180
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.02.01
[Main classification number] B32B27/08(2006.01)I
[Classification] B32B27/08(2006.01)I
[Instruction CD-ROM] D0605-1
[Abstract] A heat-sealable biaxially oriented polymer film and its production method belong to the field of polymer technology. The polymer film consists of a base layer and a heat-sealing layer. The base layer is a crystalline polyester formed by polymerization of a dicarboxylic acid and one or more diols selected from aliphatics. The heat-sealing layer is an aliphatic diol and Amorphous copolyesters of cycloaliphatic diols with the same dicarboxylic acid. After improvement, the heat sealing layer contains a masterbatch polyester with an amorphous copolyester as a carrier and the amount of masterbatch polyester added. It is 0.3% to 5% of the weight of the heat seal layer. The preparation process of the invention is simple, and the obtained product has good processability and heat sealing property at the same time. The polymer film can be widely used in the fields of packaging, card, information display and the like.
【 Agency 】 Shijiazhuang Zanke Patent & Trademark Office Co., Ltd. [Proxy] Guo Shaohua Li Yumin

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