Packaging, authenticity and taste in the consumer age (2)

The ultimate packaging: careful plastic surgery

CCTV's “Social Watch” column recently broadcast a program about plastic surgery, which has caused widespread social repercussions. According to the situation disclosed in the program, female college students and female middle school students occupy a large proportion in female cosmetic surgery. When asked about the motives of cosmetic surgery, the responses of the girls who were interviewed and who were undergoing cosmetic surgery were quite representative.

The plastic surgery of the female students is aimed at two things: beauty and job hunting.

Heart of beauty in everyone. The pursuit and longing for beauty is a natural right of any individual. This is because the United States can bring more opportunities and wealth to young women. In the national university campus of the 1980s, people’s concepts were far less open than they are today, and there is often such an interesting phenomenon: school flowers, flowers, and beauty are all undergraduates, followed by masters, and doctors are the worst. Although they will not be able to marry, the risk at that time will increase year after year. It has become a hot topic of social concern for some time. Of course, this is not entirely a beautiful issue. Time passes, and now plastic surgery is quietly becoming popular among female university students. Being beautiful will help increase your chances of finding a job; finding a good job and benefiting your future development will lead you to a happy life. It's that simple.

Female undergraduates are not as popular as female college students. They may face worse public opinion than female university students. Most of the female high school students who are consciously “self-described” by their parents’ consent are only able to walk into the plastic surgery hospital.

Despite repeated warnings from experts, the effectiveness of cosmetic surgery can only be maintained for 10 years, and the damage to the body is life-long and cannot be repaired. However, women who come for cosmetic surgery are still rushing. The explosiveness and high profits of the cosmetic industry can be read from various types of advertisements. The cosmetic work of female college students and female middle school students can also be called the ultimate form of self-packaging, or should be treated with caution.

Workplace Women: Image Design and Packaging

Self-packaging is very necessary for middle-aged women who work in the workplace. Do not underestimate this line, learning a lot. Located in Wangfujing Avenue, Shidou Branch, Beijing, the company is a professional shop that introduces foreign women's image design concepts and uses color principles. Divide different color systems into four series of spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each color system has dozens of color cloths of different shades. First, start with the color of the upper body and the matching of the face, and compare them one by one until you find them. Let your hair color suit you, and then make recommendations based on your appropriate color for your hairstyle. If you agree in advance, this shop will also take you to the department store downstairs to buy clothes and other accessories. In addition, in order to expand the influence, the shop owner regularly holds lectures in this area to guide women in self-design. After the image-designed women, it's really different to wear clothes again. As a result, this store is favored by professional women, especially those middle-aged women. It is said that a lot of TV show hosts have come here to test.

In the past, when we heard the word “packaging,” we were very sensitive and always had somehow associated with “false”, which made packaging like a derogatory term. “The children are so big. Do I still need packaging?” The middle-aged woman of a dozen years ago may ask questions like that. Few people have already asked this question in the 21st century. Well-dressed, changing the style from time to time, his mood is cheerful, but also bring beauty to the surrounding people, such packaging is necessary.

Underwear packaging: "I'm sexy, I'm beautiful..."

For fashionable young women in the urban areas, underwear has been on the stage and has been on the stage. It has been considered as a patent for underwear models. Nowadays, in the bustling commercial markets and shopping malls in the east, the young women wearing three-point underwear walk around on improvised stands that are not elegant, and crowds of crowds are always airtight. The fashion of “underwear wearing out” created by the “underwear show” has been quiet after a year or two.

English underwear, underdress, underclothes, undergarment and shirt are the meaning of underwear. The apparel industry uses the words Undercover and underwear. Women's underwear includes Corset, Bra Cup, Waist Nipper, All-in-one, Camisole, and Short. . The underwear industry has been flourishing overseas for several decades, but in China it has always been a secret and difficult topic. Until March 1993, the first national-level lingerie show was unveiled in Beijing for the first time. Since then, underwear has become a carrier for the interpretation of urban fashion.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and deepening understanding of underwear culture, underwear, like fashion, has become a fashion that people are pursuing. From the start of development, the underwear industry has become one of the most promising industries in China's garment industry. According to statistics, in 2001 China's underwear market sales were only 50 billion yuan, and by 2002 China's underwear sales will reach 90 billion yuan.

"I'm sexy, I'm beautiful..." The packaging of underwear to the body always seems to tell people. Because sexy and beautiful, or beauty originally contains a sexy factor, this is really a tangled topic. However, fashion tells people: fashion is fashion. There is no reason to speak, a little power, and even overbearing, fashion is so flooding in the streets of the city ... whether you like it or not.

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