Relationship between Modern Package Design and Consumer Psychology (2)

3 psychological factors in the design

1) Attractiveness is the first factor to enhance the packaging effect. Attention is a feature of people's understanding of the process of psychological activity, and it is the direction and concentration of people on what they know. Phenomenon is not a kind of independent psychological process, people will show the characteristics of attention when they are perceiving, remembering or thinking. Analyze from psychology, a packaging design wants consumers to pay attention to and understand, comprehend, and form a solid memory. It is the text, color, graphics, sound, etc. in the packaging of the eyes, ears, and sensory organs of humans. The novelty of conditions is inseparable.

In people's visual cognition activities, they are not passively stimulated by objective stimuli. Instead, it is conducted under the interaction of objective stimuli and human subjective internal psychological factors. The text, picture, color, and shape of a product package are stimulants for the “visual element” to consumers. These stimuli must have certain novelty features to attract consumers’ attention.

2) Emotion and association. It is not too difficult for designers to be eye-catching for packaging, but to be unique, to reflect the cultural connotation and contribution points of the product is the most critical in the design process. In the product packaging design element, the color impact is the strongest. The colors used in the packaging of goods will create associations, induce emotions, and change the purchasing psychology. However, when using colors to stimulate people's emotions, certain rules should be followed. Psychology studies believe that when designing food packaging, do not use blue or green color. The use of orange or orange is reminiscent of bumper harvests and maturation, which has led to the purchase of food by the appetite of customers. Just as in our real life, consumers buy supplement products, and most of them are satisfied with the packaging of large-area warm-colored products. For cleaning products, they are interested in cold-colored packaging. This is both the subjective cause of the commodity and the emotional association of consumers.

3) Successful commodity packaging can not only arouse consumers' emotions and associations, but also make consumers “overcome”.

Psychology thinks that memory is a reappearance of what people have experienced in the past. Memory is an important part of the process of psychological understanding. The basic process includes remembering, keeping, recalling, and recognizing. Among them, remembering and keeping is the premise; recall and recognition are the result. Only by remembering and keeping firmly, memories and recognition can be achieved.

Therefore, to enable consumers to remember product packaging design, we must reflect the distinctive personality of the product, concise and clear text, map, image, but also reflect the cultural characteristics of goods and modern consumer fashion, in order to allow consumers to remember.

4 Conclusion

People's psychological activities are extremely delicate and difficult to ponder, and people often buy products based on their own impressions. The psychology test of goods packaging to consumers shows that beauty and ugliness, elegance and vulgarity, attention and exclusion, these psychological feelings are not only different for men, women and children, but also vary greatly depending on the preferences of countries, regions and individuals. . Therefore, as a designer must understand the market, study the factors of the design form and analyze the various psychology of the consumer. Only in this way can we accurately explore the law of packaging design and consumer mental activities, so as to improve the effectiveness of packaging design and urge consumers to take actions to purchase goods. Raising the psychological quality and cultural accomplishment of designers will be the task for designers to learn, ponder, research and explore forever.

Chen Zhiquan
(Xiangfan University,

Source: Packaging Project

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