Installation and commissioning of automatic fire alarm system for steel drum cleaning coating drying oven

Installation and commissioning of automatic fire alarm system for steel drum cleaning coating drying oven

Yang Wenliang

In recent years, the biggest development of China's steel barrel industry is the progress of production technology and equipment, and the progress of the post-treatment process of steel drums is the most prominent. Most companies now use steel drum automatic cleaning and coating production lines, which not only improve production efficiency, but also greatly improve the quality of the products, but the resulting insecurity factors are also expanding. The moisture drying and the drying of the paint film before the steel drum are mostly adopted through the automatic drying oven. At present, the fuel drying furnace and the far-infrared electric heating drying furnace are commonly used. In recent years, there have been many unsafe accidents such as fire and explosion. . These accidents mainly occurred during the coating and drying process of steel drums. The reason is that in addition to violating the operating procedures and the insecure factors of the equipment itself, the imperfect preventive measures are the main reasons. Most domestic drying ovens do not have an automatic fire alarm system installed.

The automatic fire alarm system is an automatic fire-fighting facility for early detection of fires and effective measures to control and extinguish fires, and set in the drying furnace or painting site. Its key is accurate. At present, some enterprises have started or are ready to install an automatic alarm system, but due to limitations in experience and technology in design, installation and commissioning, the expected results are often not achieved. In order to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system, the following points should be noted in its design and installation.

First, the selection and laying of control wires

According to the provisions of GB50045-95 and GB50116-98, the alarm system control circuit should use copper core insulated wire or copper core cable. In addition to meeting the requirements of the technical conditions of the automatic alarm device, the wire core section selection of the line should also meet the requirements of mechanical strength. According to the regulations and practical application experience, it is advisable to use the copper conductor insulated wire of l.5mm2 for the control system of the alarm system. In actual work, temperature-resistant flame-retardant BV-105 insulated wire or KV-105 type control cable is used, which is protected by metal pipe and darkly embedded in cable shaft or non-combustible structure.
In order to make the wiring fire-resistant, there should be a certain margin for the metal pipe end connection. When the wire pipe passes through the wall and the floor, it should be filled with non-combustible material. After the electrical circuit is laid, the insulation resistance of the wire of each circuit should be measured with a megohmmeter. The insulation resistance of the ground should not be less than 20g megohm.

First, the selection and installation of fire detectors

The choice of fire detectors should be selected according to their installation location and fire formation characteristics. For the initial stage of the fire, there is a smoldering stage, a large amount of smoke and a small amount of heat are generated, and there is little flame radiation. Smoke detectors should be used. For the rapid development of fire, a large number of heat and smoke should be selected for the temperature detector. Smoke detectors or combinations thereof; for fires to develop rapidly, with strong flame radiation and a small amount of heat and smoke, a photosensitive fire detector should be used. If the fire characteristics are unpredictable, a simulation test should be carried out, and then an appropriate detector should be selected based on the test results. When the detector is installed on the inner aisle ceiling with a width less than 3m, the installation distance of the temperature detector should not exceed lOm, the installation distance of the smoke detector should not exceed 15m, and the distance from the detector to the end wall should not be greater than the detector installation. Half of the distance, the horizontal distance to the wall and beam edge should not be less than 0.5m, and should be installed close to the return air inlet. For the ceiling is lower (

Second, the installation of manual fire alarm button

At least one manual fire alarm button should be set for each fire compartment, and its installation location should be located at the main entrance and exit of the hall, aisle, main public activity place, etc. The distance from any location within a fire zone to the nearest manual fire alarm button should not be greater than 30 m. The manual fire alarm button should be placed in an obvious and easy to operate area. When installed on a wall, the height of the bottom edge should be 1.3m ~ 1.5m, and should have obvious signs.

Fourth, the installation of fire control equipment

Fire control equipment should be checked for function before installation. If it is not qualified, it must not be installed. The length of the external wiring of the fire control equipment shall be not more than 2m when the metal hose is used as the casing, and the pipe clamp shall be used for fixing. The spacing of the fixed points shall not exceed 0.5m. The junction box of the metal hose and fire control equipment shall be fixed by the lock nut, and shall be grounded according to the piping regulations. The outer terminal end shall be clearly marked. The terminals of different voltage levels and current categories in the control equipment shall be arranged separately. The operating distance of the control panel (disc) in the fire duty room is not less than 1.5m in single row arrangement and not less than 2m in double row arrangement. On the side of the regular work of the duty officer, the distance from the control panel to the wall should be greater than 3m, and the maintenance distance behind the faceplate should not be less than 1m. The fire control room is not allowed to pass through equipment that is not related to the fire control room, so that these equipment can be safely and reliably supplied with power and accurate control.

Fifth, the installation of the fire alarm controller

When the fire alarm controller is installed on the wall, the height of the bottom edge from the ground should not be less than 1.5m. When the floor is installed, the bottom edge is 10~20m above the floor, and it should be installed firmly and not tilted. The wires and cables that are introduced into the controller should be neat, avoid crossover and securely fasten. The ends of the conductors of the cable core wire shall be marked with the number and shall be consistent with the drawings. The writing is clear and not easy to fade. The wiring of each terminal of the terminal plate shall not exceed 2, and the cable core and wire shall have a margin of less than 20cm. , should be blocked at the inlet pipe. The main power inlet of the controller should be directly connected to the fire power supply. It is strictly forbidden to use the power plug, and the main power supply should be clearly marked.

Sixth, fire system grounding device installation

Grounding of various equipment and devices in the system and grounding of exposed conductive parts shall comply with the relevant provisions for grounding of electrical equipment. The automatic fire alarm system shall be provided with a grounding trunk, which shall be led to the grounding body by the grounding plate of the fire room. The dedicated grounding trunk wire shall be copper-core insulated wire or cable, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the core shall not be less than 25mm2. The working grounding wire shall not use galvanized iron or metal hose. A copper tube or other strong protective tube is inserted through the wall. The working ground wire and the protective ground wire must be separated, and the protective grounding body must not use the metal hose. After the construction of the grounding device is completed, the project acceptance shall be concealed in time. When measuring the grounding resistance, the grounding resistance should not exceed 1Ω when using common grounding. When using a special grounding device, the grounding resistance should not exceed 4Ω, and record, check the technical documents to be submitted, and check the construction quality.

7. Commissioning of automatic fire alarm system

The commissioning of the automatic fire alarm system shall be carried out after the internal decoration of the building and the construction of the system. Before commissioning, first check the equipment according to the design requirements, and check whether the system construction quality meets the requirements; check whether there are any wrong lines, open circuits, short circuits, and virtual welding in the system wiring. At the same time, the detector, the regional alarm controller, the centralized alarm controller, the regional alarm controller, the centralized alarm controller, the alarm device and the fire control device should be separately checked for power on-off, and the system can be debugged normally. Commissioning includes: fire alarm automatic detection function, silencer, reset function, fault alarm function, fire priority function, alarm memory function, automatic power conversion function and automatic charging function of standby power supply, undervoltage and overvoltage and overvoltage alarm of standby power supply Function debugging. After 120 hours of continuous operation without failure, the relevant specifications are required to fill in the commissioning report. Finally, according to the "fire automatic alarm system construction acceptance specification 娶 engineering acceptance, after acceptance, can be put into use.

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