TMC-350-7C Label Rotary Press Will Debut at European Printing Exhibition

Labelexpo Europe will be held in Brussels, Belgium, from September 23 to 26, 2009. More than 500 label manufacturers, printer manufacturers, label material suppliers, and related manufacturers from 120 countries will participate in the show to show you the most advanced products and technologies in the field of label printing today. Shanghai Sun Machinery Co., Ltd. participated in the Belgian label printing exhibition with the latest model TMC-350-7C modular label rotary press.

This is an all-round rotary press that is a new generation of open platform, multi-function, and a variety of printing methods. The AC servo-controlled composite printer can realize any combination of printing methods such as embossing, offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing, and rotary screen printing according to the product process requirements. It is more likely to increase production rationality, reduce costs, and increase product added value. In today's rapidly advancing world, people are increasingly demanding appreciation and practical aesthetics, and various businesses are constantly improving their own product packaging requirements. Correspondingly, for printing companies, their ability to print, arrange, combine, and adapt to printing processes. Undoubtedly it is also a new challenge and test. The ability to flexibly combine and sort all sorts of different printing methods, embodying the excellent features of various different printing processes on one product, is undoubtedly the ultimate requirement that customers can put forward, and of course, the value-added of such products is also the highest. The combination of functions and models is becoming the main model of the world's top label production.

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