New Chinese furniture maintenance common methods

Aspects of furniture maintenance

Furniture is the protagonist of home decoration. Its versatility and practicality determine its price, so people can't change furniture often. Then, its maintenance is especially important.

The ground level is flat: the floor where the furniture is placed must be kept flat, the four legs are stable and level, and the uneven ground should be placed. If the furniture is placed, it will be in a state of constant shaking, and the hoe or fastener will be loose and sticky for a long time. The cracking of the knot will of course affect the service life of the furniture. Some people are accustomed to using wooden boards and iron sheets under one leg of a piece of furniture to correct the unevenness of the ground and to obtain a smooth furniture. This is not a good practice. If the pad moves slightly, it will also make the furniture unstable. Even if it is leveled, the internal structure of the furniture will be affected by the uneven force. The solution is to modify the ground, or use a slightly larger area of ​​hard plastic to achieve the purpose of flattening the four legs of the furniture.

Clean dust: It is best to use pure cotton knitwear as a rag, and a soft wool brush to remove dust from the sunken or embossed ornament. Painted furniture, avoid using alcohol, gasoline and other solvents to wipe the stains. Use colorless furniture glazing wax, spread thinly, and dry with cotton cloth to reduce the growth and enhance the luster.

Keep away from the sun: The furniture should be placed in a position to avoid direct sunlight from the window. When the furniture is exposed to the sun for a long time, the paint will be yellowed, faded, and the metal parts will be oxidized and deteriorated, and the material of the material will be brittle. If you can't remove the sun, you can use curtains or blinds to protect the furniture.

Avoid moisture: The humidity in the room should be kept within the normal value. When using the humidifier, only in the dry season of low humidity, but should be away from the furniture spray. The moisture will make the wood decay and the metal parts will rust. The bonded portion is easy to open, and the chrome-plated original is released from the film. When cleaning up on holidays, avoid using alkaline water to clean the furniture. Wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not use running water to rinse it.

Smudge removal: When the paint furniture appears yellowish for a long time, you can use a pure white gauze knit cotton cloth to gently wipe a little toothpaste, then use a damp cloth to remove the toothpaste residue and then dry it with a dry cloth. The yellowing phenomenon can be greatly improved. Painted furniture, often placed directly on the boiling water cup, hot soup bowl, white gray hot marks appear, affecting the appearance, you can use a fine cloth with a little tea or toilet water, and a little alcohol, gently wipe, you can remove, and then Wipe dry with a cloth. If the surface of the furniture is slightly scratched, the paint film will fall off. You can use a color pen to slightly repair the color of the furniture and then apply a thin layer of colorless and transparent nail polish. After the furniture is dripped, it will not be wiped off in time. After drying, the water will be left behind. You can cover it with a slightly thick wet cloth and gently press it with a heated iron. The trace of water can be eliminated.

Color influence on furniture and furniture maintenance knowledge

First of all, let me talk about the effect of color on furniture. Different colors of rattan furniture bring different feelings to the living room, such as green and white, which makes people feel lively and leisurely; blue makes the home look elegant and quiet; brown, calm and natural; color, fashion, fashion, etc. When making furniture, we must first consider the coordination with the living room and work hard on the color. When the color of the space is dark, the color of the optional rattan furniture tends to be brown and dark brown. The color of the cushion or table cloth should be similar to the color but not too deep, such as light brown and brown; light color home space. Choose from rattan products of neutral color or other colors, with cushions or fabrics with brighter colors and bright colors. The quality of rattan furniture can not be ignored. When selecting, pay attention to the treatment of rattan fiber, the surface of rattan It should be smooth and smooth, and the paint film should be evenly painted. The style is generally simple and the rattan furniture should not be too complicated. It is more cool and suitable for summer use.

There is maintenance:

1. You can use a brush or a vacuum cleaner to clean rattan furniture.

2. Usually, the rattan furniture can be scrubbed with a damp cloth and a mild detergent.

3. Rattan furniture is used for a long time. If there is fouling, it is best to scrub with salt water, which not only decontaminates, but also makes the rattan soft and elastic.

4. Rattan furniture should be placed next to the heating pipe, and its bonding parts will dry out and become weak due to heat.

5. Rattan furniture should be protected from direct sunlight to prevent the rattan from fading and drying out.

Misunderstanding of modern wooden furniture

Misunderstanding 1: Only solid wood is good

Many customers see a product in the furniture store. The first sentence is to ask if it is all solid wood? As soon as I heard the negative answer, I turned away. In fact, this is because they lack understanding of modern panel furniture.

Modern panel furniture corresponding to traditional solid wood furniture is centered on artificial panels. In the most commonly used MDF, it is made of wood fiber or other vegetable fiber, adding an adhesive such as resin, and the artificial plate is made after high temperature and high pressure. In terms of materials, MDF is dense in texture, large in thickness and density, large in weight-to-weight ratio, low in moisture content and not easily deformed. It is the most versatile high-quality furniture sheet in the world. From the aspect of the veneer, the natural veneer is not only natural and beautiful, but also has a certain thickness (0.3-0.6mm), which has a good protection for the home. Therefore, solid wood edge sealing and veneering are the highest level of plate furniture, even if imported high-grade European furniture. Solid wood is generally only used in small parts such as wood strips and edge seals. On the other hand, whether it is traditional furniture or modern furniture, the wood used has obvious high, medium and low grades due to factors such as its material, texture and resources. Low-grade solid wood is not as valuable as high-grade veneer. In particular, many medium and low-grade solid woods are not suitable for dehydration treatment (wood for furniture usually requires kiln drying and relative moisture content of 10%-12%). After making furniture, there is a great chance of deformation and bursting. And high-end solid wood furniture is often expensive.

There are also many solid wood and veneer used in modern wood furniture. The following are common in the Guangdong market:

1. Black walnut, the highest quality of walnut wood, mainly produced in North America and Europe.

Domestic walnuts are lighter in color. The black walnut is light dark brown with purple, and the string cut surface is a beautiful large parabolic pattern (large mountain pattern). Black walnuts are very expensive, furniture is usually made of veneer, and solid wood is rarely used.

2, cherry, imported cherry wood is mainly produced in Europe and North America, the wood is light yellowish brown, the texture is elegant, the string cut surface is medium parabolic pattern, there is a small circle pattern. Cherry wood is also high-grade wood, furniture is also commonly used veneer, rarely used solid wood.

3, beech, the coffin here refers to the beech, and the Chinese traditional furniture in the "Nanbeibei" coffin is two different things. The color of the eucalyptus is bright and light yellow, with dense "needle" (wood ray) and a mountainous pattern. There are fewer imported beech in Europe, which is much better than domestic ones. Imported eucalyptus is a medium-to-high-grade wood in China. It is commonly used as veneer, and solid wood is also used as a dining chair and small square bars.

4, maple, maple color is light yellow, with a hill pattern, the biggest feature is the "shadow" (partial luster is obvious). Maple is a mid-range wood, and veneer and solid wood are common.

5, birch, birch color is light yellow, easy to distinguish features are more "waterline" (black line). Birch is also a mid-range wood, both solid wood and veneer.

6, rubber wood, the primary color is light yellow brown, there are messy small rays, the material is light and soft, is low-grade solid wood materials. Merchants call it "oak", which is really a trick of fish. Real oak is more expensive. The European white oak has an elegant texture, and the North American red oak has a large mountain pattern. Both of them are hard and heavy, and the appearance, structure and material are all incompatible with the rubber wood.

Others such as pine, fir, eucalyptus, etc., are relatively low-grade furniture materials.

Misunderstanding 2: Confusion of solid wood, veneer and stickers

Since the development of modern wood furniture, it has formed a large market pattern with diverse styles, complete varieties and complete grades. While diversified markets offer a wealth of choices, they also have problems that are mixed and difficult to distinguish. As a customer, be sure to keep your eyes open when you buy.

Solid wood is often used for varieties and parts that are taught less, and precious wood rarely uses solid wood. For example, solid wood dining chairs are more common, but generally used in the middle and high-grade imported beech, mid-grade maple, birch, domestic eucalyptus, low-grade rubber wood. If someone tells you that he is selling "imported black walnut solid wood dining chair", five or six hundred yuan, then he must be in you. Most of the chairs were painted in black walnut with birch paint, which is common in both the Chinese and foreign furniture industry. However, it was originally intended to save costs and harmony, but it was used to cross the sea and had to be prevented.

There are many modern panel furniture facing materials, among which veneer and stickers are very common, but the grades are completely different. The veneer furniture is rich in natural texture, beautiful and durable, but the price is relatively high, and the sticker furniture is easy to wear, afraid of water and unbearable, but the price is low and it is a popular product. Some types of furniture that are not worn out and are not close to water sources are currently mainly based on stickers, such as shoe cabinets and bookcases.

When customers visit the furniture store, they will see instructions such as “walnut floor cabinet”, “cherry wood coffee table” and “wooden dining chair” on the price plate. At this time, it is very important to figure out whether it is solid wood, veneer or sticker. Solid wood and veneer can be called “cherry wood furniture”, but the sticker can only be called “cherry wood furniture”, otherwise it will be a fish.

Solid wood --- wood grain, wood ray (if usually expressed as "needle") is clearly visible, more or less should have some natural cockroaches (wood knots, wood plaques, black lines, etc.). The same piece of solid wood, whether it is wood or wood, its two interface wood grain should be able to clearly see the natural connection between the longitudinal section and the cross section.

Veneer – wood grain and wood rays are clear. There should also be natural flaws. Because the veneer has a certain thickness (about 0.5mm), when the furniture is made, it encounters two adjacent interfaces. Usually, it does not turn, but each piece is attached, so the wood grain of the two interfaces should not be connected.

Stickers—Wood grain and wood rays are clearly visible. Even imported high-grade paper can be counterfeited even with wood, but it is different from natural veneer. Sticker furniture is easy to reveal flaws at the corners. In addition, because the thickness of the grain paper is very small (0.08mm), it will be directly wrapped at the junction of the two planes, causing the wood grain of the two interfaces to be connected.

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