The status quo and future development of packaging machinery technology in China

At present, the global demand for packaging machinery is growing at a rate of 5.3% per year, reaching $29 billion in 2005. The United States has large packaging equipment manufacturers, followed by Japan, and other major producers are also from Germany, Italy and China. However, the current production of packaging machinery and equipment is growing rapidly in developing countries and regions.

Domestic packaging machinery manufacturers have few professional research and development manufacturers, which is also a shortcoming of China. However, in the domestic packaging machinery manufacturers continue to work hard, the domestic packaging machinery has made good achievements in measurement, manufacturing, technical performance, etc., especially the beer, beverage filling equipment has high speed, complete sets, high degree of automation, good reliability and so on. . There is also a significant improvement in the technology of food packaging machines. The emergence of mechatronics has led to a surge in demand for automated packaging machine equipment, and the demand for various food packaging machinery will grow rapidly in the coming years.

At present, domestic packaging machinery manufacturers are committed to researching high-tech, high-quality production and reliable services. Today's more powerful packaging machinery manufacturers in China include Jiangsu Qunjie Packaging Machinery, Guangzhou Aote Packaging Machinery, Henan Xinghuo Packaging Machinery, etc. The winning point is that it can provide various production problems and perfect production lines. Can maintain long-term cooperation with related professional companies.

With the changes in the market, domestic packaging machinery is also growing, domestic packaging machinery manufacturers are developing towards fast-developing and low-cost packaging equipment, and companies that already have packaging machinery and equipment production will update future product or increase packaging machinery production line. The proportion will rise, especially in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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