Floor play concept, which is real wood

For the flooring market with frequent concepts, experts believe that some new concepts are just the name of the business, and the real solid wood flooring needs to be distinguished by materials. Figure / CFP

On November 10th, the quality monitoring results issued by the Beijing Administration for Industry and Commerce showed that the main problem existing in the current floor is that the name of the solid wood flooring material is not standardized. A few days ago, the reporter visited the major home stores and building materials distribution centers in Beijing, and found that not only the identification of the name of the solid wood flooring material, but also a large number of "floor concepts" make consumers difficult to separate.

Xiao Li, who is currently renovating, called the newspaper and said that he had been confused by various concepts in the flooring industry. He often went to a store and found various names of “super solid wood”, “new solid wood” and “imitation wood”. In front of the eyes, there are sales people who will say a variety of concepts such as three-layer solid wood, multi-layer solid wood, solid wood composite.

When interviewed by Shiliuhe Building Materials Street, many reporters found a lot of floor brands in the home of a floor to display posters such as “imitation wood” and “super solid wood”. However, when they asked the sales staff, they found that many sales people simply said no. Know the difference and advantages and disadvantages of these floors.

"New solid wood" and so on are not academic names

Lu Ge, general manager of EGGER floor, told reporters that the first two years of hardening the floor often play some concepts, such as antibacterial, nano, sports, etc. These are basically created by humans, perhaps with a little effect, but more is just a gimmick. In the past two years, the flooring brands have begun to pay more attention to the products themselves, but with the popularity of some solid wood products, the market has begun to have some propaganda with various self-concepts, which has led to the confusion of the concept of consumers.

Gao Zhihua, president of the China Timber Distribution Association Floor Professional Committee, said that from the professional point of view and consumer perception, the flooring industry is generally classified according to product structure, usually divided into solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring and There are five categories of cork flooring. Floor names such as “new solid wood”, “super solid wood” and “imitation wood” are conceptualized product names, which are used by flooring merchants for differentiation and for their own selling points. The name, not the academic name of the floor category, nor the place to replace the real solid wood floor.

Three-layer solid wood flooring is solid wood composite flooring

In response to the more popular three-layer solid wood flooring products on the market, the reporters inquired about the identity of consumers in different building materials markets and different brands, and also got different opinions. Some salesmen said that this floor has only three layers, which are made by high-temperature hot pressing. Compared with the traditional multi-layer composite, it is more environmentally friendly and has the characteristics of wood. Some salesmen say that it is combined with multi-layer solid wood. Compared with the three-layer solid wood composite, it is more suitable for floor heating; another salesman who operates the laminate flooring said that the three-layer solid wood composite is not suitable for floor heating, otherwise it is easy to be deformed; some salesmen said that the three-layer solid wood floor The splicing method is more convenient than other floors.

In response to the confusion of market sales personnel, Lin Dalun, general manager of Golden Eagle Iger Flooring, said that consumers are often “fudged” by various concepts when purchasing solid wood flooring. Our country has rarely touched three-layer solid wood flooring before, and this type of flooring has matured abroad, and with the deepening of protection resources, it has only gradually been promoted in China in recent years, so some businesses are also consumers. Not very well understood, only a variety of different names. In fact, three-layer solid wood flooring or three-layer solid wood composite flooring should be collectively referred to as solid wood composite flooring. Both floors have only three layers, and the colors are diverse, and the price is generally between 300 and 1,000 yuan/square meter.

â–  Floor category

wooden floor

Solid wood flooring is a floor decoration material formed by drying and processing natural wood. It presents natural wood textures and color patterns, giving a natural, soft, and intimate texture. At the same time, it is an ideal material for floor decoration in bedrooms, living rooms, and study rooms due to its warm winter and cool summer.

Laminate floor

Composite flooring is divided into solid wood composite and reinforced composite, and nowadays laminate flooring is rare.

Parquet flooring is a kind of flooring derived from the solid wood flooring family. Its natural wood feel, easy installation and maintenance, anti-corrosion and moisture resistance, and its application to geothermal heat are favored by many families. The parquet can be divided into three layers of solid wood composite flooring and multi-layer solid wood composite flooring.

Commonly used in home decoration is a three-layer solid wood composite floor, which is made up of three layers of solid wood veneers. The surface layer is made of high-quality hardwood slats and slats or whole wood. The wood is used for beech and beech. Birch, ash, etc.; the core layer is composed of ordinary soft-specified wood planks, and the wood species are mostly pine, poplar, etc.; the bottom layer is a rotary-cut veneer, and the wood species are mostly poplar, birch, and pine. The three-layer structure is laminated with glue. Compared with solid wood flooring, the three-layer solid wood composite floor is not easy to be deformed and cracked by the drum, with higher stability and stronger heat resistance.

The multi-layer composite floor is made of multi-layer plywood and laminated with hardwood sheeting or veneer as the panel. The surface of the multi-layer parquet is 0.3-0.5 mm solid wood, and the other 7 layers are made of glued criss-crossing.

Laminate flooring

The laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of materials, namely a wear layer, a decorative layer, a high-density substrate layer, and a balanced (moisture-proof) layer. In general, qualified laminate flooring is one or more layers of special impregnated thermosetting amino resin covering the surface of a substrate such as a high density board, with a balanced moisture barrier on the back side, a front decorative layer and a wear layer being hot pressed. to make. Laminate flooring has changed the way wood is combined.

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