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Aries's makeup Cheats: 12 constellations, the most acceptable to the bold transformation of the constellation

In the face of makeup, Aries can be said to be a dazzling death. "Color" is the focus of your best makeup. Despite the boldness and squandering, you don't have to pay attention to the conservative criticism. You are always confidently waving all kinds of colors on your face. You don't like to use the lip pencil to draw slowly. You always use the lipstick to make a rough painting on the lips. In fact, you don't even have trouble with makeup. I often wonder if there is a machine that can walk in and face. Ok, how good it should be.

Make-up that expresses your unique charm: Aries people originally had a wider face, suggesting that you can modify your slightly stiff lines when applying makeup.

Taurus Makeup Cheats: Maintaining the Intrinsic Makeup Method You Can Master

How expensive is the cosmetics, you don't care, the most important thing is to be able to draw a "value sense", and a makeup can be used with many occasions and clothing. If you really want to show the charm, "neutral" makeup, don't be too soft and don't overdo the magic, the most you have. You hope that the makeup on a certain part of your face can be obvious, and you are not allowed to make makeup for you in important occasions. You believe that the perfect performance will add points to your image.

Make-up that expresses your unique charm: Taurus makeup should pay attention to the vicinity of the nose, people with flat nose, can make themselves more stereoscopic, but not too strong.

Gemini's Makeup Cheats: Makeup is a kind of communication, and is dedicated to collecting new fashion information.

"Kaleidoscopic" is not enough to describe your make-up technique; you can make good use of cosmetics to make your face a beautiful experimental special zone, but people with sensitive skin should pay attention to skin care and not excessive makeup to cause damage. Any trendy or special make-up method you want to try; you just like a computer, carefully put the makeup from the magazine or TV into your brain cells and create a beautiful file.

Make-up that expresses your unique charm: Gemini makeup is characterized by a new wave, you can try the innovative method, more unique.