OKI launches two new C801 and C821 products for small businesses

OKI recently introduced two new color printers, the C801 and C821, that will help small businesses achieve the production of advertising flyers and promotional materials.

Both devices have a print resolution of 1,200,600 dpi, and can achieve color and monochrome output speeds of up to 12 pages per minute and 17 pages per minute for A3 pages, respectively, while outputting color and monochrome A4 pages. The speed can be increased to 22 pages/minute and 32 pages/minute, respectively.

Alan McLeish, senior product marketing manager at OKI Printing Solutions, said: "Our greatest advantage is to provide our customers with a range of ultra-flexible office printers that can perform both daily A4 page output and A3 format color printing."

Currently, C801 and C821 are officially listed in the UK. Their retail prices are 929 pounds and 1088 pounds.

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