The origin of the packaging of Maotai milky glass bottles

There is a classic scientific experiment: 53.94 ml of pure alcohol plus 49.83 ml of water. The total volume is not 103.77 ml but 100 ml.

The flying maotai happens to be 53 degrees.

The storage of Maotai wine in the soil is an ancient tradition. The soil from the earth forms a container for the spirit of the earth. This should be able to achieve a more harmonious world.

The excellent air permeability of the earthen altar makes it possible for the wine contained in the earth to freely absorb the aura of heaven and earth and complete self-cultivation. When at least three years of cultivation and accomplishment are completed, those mellow liquors that have long been awaited by the world will be filled and sold, dressed in the coats we know well--milky glass bottles, red caps, flying logos, and Authentic Chinese red ribbon.

Not an exaggeration, but it is an absolute low-key luxury.

And that seemingly ordinary milky glass bottle has its own story and necessity.

According to old memories of Maotai, at the beginning of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Maotai wines were still packaged and sold in earthenware bottles, and wooden boxes were used for packing. This situation continued for several hundred years. However, earthenware jars are fragile and have a rough appearance, which is a distance from the national wine image. With the gradual increase in the demand and capacity of Maotai market, the packaging of large quantities of Maotai wine has become an important issue.

After repeated experiments by technicians, the milky white glass bottles exactly met the special packaging requirements for Maotai-flavor liquor: avoiding the possibility that the direct light caused by the transparent glass bottles caused the reaction of the wine body compounding, and effectively avoided the earthenware bottles. Fragile conditions.

In recent years, with the advancement of science and technology, Maotai wine packaging technology has introduced a series of high-tech means, but, "The general principle is the same, that is, dedicate safe and healthy food to consumers. The company strictly according to the relevant national standards for packaging materials and The quality control of the packaging production process is carried out, and we also pay close attention to the requirements of relevant international standards, and intensify the monitoring of heavy metal elements and other harmful substances in pottery jars, wine bottles and other appliances in accordance with more stringent requirements.” Maotai Winery Quality Inspection Department Staff said.

It should be said that in every step of solving the development of the enterprise, Maotai has spent a certain amount of time in the enlightened mind. Even if it is just small details such as bottle caps, they all strive to do their best.

From a red sorghum to a bottle of maotai, until it is dressed up on the consumer's table, consumers may have known that it is the result of organic health food, but they cannot fully understand its process of continuous cultivation. .

However, with the gradual deepening of organic food and health concepts, more and more details will enter the center of consumers' attention. And such products as Moutai will make people feel more surprised.

Through the doors of time and space, tradition allows us to see the laws and inevitability of natural extension. The tradition of being a healthy foundation will be pursued by people in history.

Yuan Renguo said that Maotai is innovating in inheritance and developing in innovation. He also said that inheritance tradition is a higher level of innovation.

Yuan Renguo's words tell people that Maotai will continue like this and find the future under the guidance of tradition.

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