Star makeup on the mirror

Taking pictures is almost a part of the star profession, so the technology they make themselves "upper" is also professional.

● Use eyebrow glue

Anastasia, a makeup artist who works with Charlize Theron, uses eyebrow gel to modify the eyebrows. Its texture is a bit like waxing, which makes the eyebrows look denser immediately.

● Soaking cotton with hot water

Most make-up artists use a slightly damp sponge to apply makeup, which absorbs both liquid and creamy molecules, allowing them to blend together better. But Nicole Richie's makeup artist Efrat soaks the makeup cotton with warm water. The hotter the water soaked the sponge, the easier the foundation will be evenly applied, and the foundation will not dry out in a short time. The ordinary people who do not need makeup will have the most photo effect at this time. it is good!

● Hair dryer heating mask

Many stars will apply a mask before applying makeup. Anne Hathaway's makeup artist Efr will use a hair dryer to heat the mask before using it: "It feels great, and the heat generated can help the essence penetrate deep into the skin."

● Let the brush "wet" first

How do the stars shape the eye makeup with sharp outlines and three-dimensionality, but the makeup looks transparent and clean? “Before you lick the powder, please wet your brush.” Pat McGrath said that she did it for the stars and supermodels. “But the closer to the makeup time, the better the transparency, so it is best to take a photo immediately after fixing. After taking a while, I have to remove the makeup once. Water can't be replenished."

● "Sanhe Oil" forged perfect skin

Paris Hilton has experienced such a "mixed foundation" when working with Stila's make-up artist Sarah Lucero - "Professional makeup artists often mix moisturizers and glitters in a drop of liquid foundation," said Stila Makeup Artist Sarah Lucero. She used this special blend foundation for Paris Hilton. In fact, you can do it yourself before taking a photo. If you have a good skin, you can choose a pink glitter cream. If your skin is dull and uneven, you can choose golden.

● Can't break the "window paper"

The camera's flash does not make the skin transparent, but it can make it particularly "oily", which means that the stars must take a lot of powder to keep the face pink. In order to prevent the powder from being too thick and too heavy, the makeup artist put a thin layer of paper towel on his face and then put it on the powder. This layer of paper towels can filter out excess powder and make it thin and light after each powdering.

●eyeliner shock absorption method

Many Hollywood star makeup artists have circulated such a simple perfect eyeliner "shock absorbing method": when drawing clear and accurate eyeliner, the eyeliner will be wrapped with a rubber band, which can prevent the finger from slipping and increase the manipulation of the pen.

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