Gorgeous beauty makeup turned into a temperament beauty

Let the beauty grow bigger, not just visually make the eyes bigger and bigger. It is to make the eyes moist and clear, like a clear spring filled into the eyes; let the color of the eye sockets be gorgeous and elegant, as if the temperament beauty is natural.

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Gorgeous beauty conditions 1: make your eyes moisturized

A glossy eye shadow can undoubtedly highlight the eye, but if the eye shadow contains too large glitter particles, it will leave a cheesy and cheap impression. The gorgeous beauty should choose the delicate eye shadow. The glitter contained in it does not need to be very eye-catching, but it will flash with the gleam as the angle changes, which will make the eyes feel a moist feeling, which makes people want to Look a little more.

Gorgeous beauty condition 2: draw black eyeliner in "inside"

Many people think that black eyeliner can make the eyes bigger, so it should be painted thicker. In fact, this is wrong. A heavy black eyeliner will make you feel that you are crossing time and space and can't keep up with the changes in the makeup trend. Secondly, once the black eyeliner becomes thicker, it will affect the lengthening effect of the eyelashes. Therefore, not only the black eyeliner should be moderate, but also can only be used as the inner eyeliner, and must be drawn in the "inside".

Gorgeous beauty condition 3: making a pair of stereo eyelashes

When you walk with the opposite sex, most of the time he is enjoying your side. Therefore, your eye makeup can't be flat, you have to be three-dimensional, and the most effective eye makeup 3D effect is eyelashes. When you want to create a three-dimensional look, make the eyelashes look long and curl as much as possible so that the eyes look bigger from the side.

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