Create red lips and enhance the youthful look of makeup

Red lip makeup has always been in the lip makeup world and has always been popular among women. Compared with Westerners' white complexion and red-breasted makeup, Orientals are likely to become mature or cheesy when using bright lipsticks, and different types of skin to choose red lipsticks are also very particular. Today, look at red lips makeup. How to build it.

Create red lips and enhance the youthful look of makeup

No flawless makeup

The thin, white finish can reflect the elegance of red lips. The skin of the yellow bottom can choose the liquid foundation with brighter skin than the one of the skin. Before the bottoming, use the partial powder or purple base cream to brighten the complexion. The dark spots of spots, acne marks, dark circles and corners of the mouth need to be concealed. Work, natural clean makeup is the foundation of unbeaten red lips makeup.

Smart color selection

Red lips are not just the traditional red color, wine red, brown red, dark red, rose red, orange red can create a strong saturated red lip makeup, if your skin is fair, then you can try all kinds of red, but if If you have the dimness of the skin, you can choose the red orange lipstick, because the red with a little yellow can make the skin look whiter and brighter. Of course, the chilly brown red and purple are also the colors you can try.

Lighten eye makeup

Red lips are the focus of the entire makeup, so moderately reduce eye makeup and blush. You can use the eyeliner or eyeliner to draw a retro eyeliner with a thin front and back, which increases the femininity of the red lips. The part of the eyelashes must be brushed twice. The second time focuses on the eyelashes of the outer corner of the eye, emphasizing the upward flying eyelashes.

Shallow broom

Gently sweep the pale pink blush on the “smile apple” area of ​​the face to neutralize the mature temperament often brought by the red lips and enhance the youthful look of makeup.

Step1: Position the lip line

First use the lip liner or lip brush to outline the lip peak, then use the lip liner to draw a point in the center of the lower lip for the upper and lower lip proportions. The ratio of the upper lip to the lower lip is 1:1, the upper lip and the lower lip. Lip ratio 1:1.5 is more subtle and elegant.

Step2: depicting the contour of the lips

The outline of the upper lip line is connected from the outer corner of the mouth to the lip peak by the lip liner, and the lower lip line is connected from the outer corner to the point from the outer corner, so that even the novice can draw the outline. Feeling red lips line.

Step3: Apply with lip brush and lip balm

Use a lip brush to draw the same color as the lip liner or a slightly lighter red lipstick to fill the lip evenly.

Step4: brighten the lips

The dull corner of the mouth is a fatal injury to the red lip makeup. You can use the bright color pen to brighten the dark corners of the lips to set off the delicateness of the retro red lips.

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