All day skin care time to remove dark circles

A week-long online game, reading, in addition to serious overdraft of your physical strength, is it also makes your eyes dry, sore, and seeing things ambiguous? There are even annoying dark circles ... Edit this to help you! Teach you to use your simple 6-game maintenance to bring your eyes back to glory.

Don't worry, we have helped you develop a simple six-stop eye protection method . Let's get started this holiday!

Morning time from 7:00 to 9:00

Condition: dark circles, edema of both eyes, red blood

Solution: Give a massage to the eyes and eyes to relieve skin fatigue. In addition, take out the mineral water in the refrigerator for the first night, close your eyes, and gently roll the bottom of the mineral water from the eye socket to the corner of your eye. After a minute, wow, you obviously feel the coolness of your eyes, and see the morning. The "Goldfish Eye" at the beginning is the fastest and most effective way to black eye circles that strongly affect the image: concealer.

First half time 10:00

Condition: The eyes are sore, the skin on the face and eyes are tight

Solution: When watching the midfield, draw a space to give yourself a "small interest", find a position by the window, start to close your eyes with a deep inhalation of the nose, suck when you can no longer suck, close Both eyes, until the maximum is reached; after returning to normal sucking, both hands clenched the fist and tapped the top of the head several times. After repeating 2-3 times, you will find that the skin on the face and eyes is a lot more comfortable.

Intermission 12:00

Condition: heavy eyelids

Solution: It is necessary to put "big fake" for yourself. After eating a light lunch that can replenish energy, take a break and do a simple "eyeball", relax your eyes, don't fall on any target, then close your eyes, keep it for 2-3 seconds, suddenly Open your eyes and keep it for another 2-3 seconds. The head does not move, and the eyeballs are rotated to the left, right, up, and down, respectively, and held for 2-3 seconds. After you finish, you can play for half an hour, which is decisive for improving the state of the whole afternoon.

Intermission time 15:00

Condition: Look at things a bit, eyes dry

Solution: Press the pause button, stand up and do the “inter-class exercise”, stand, put your hands on the computer desk in front of you at a slightly wider distance than the shoulders, then move your feet backwards until the body is in front. Push posture, arms support but can move freely. Bend your arms so that the elbows are facing outwards, slowly lowering the chest toward the computer desk. The head, back, buttocks and legs are kept in a line. Hold this position for 2 seconds, then get up. After repeating this action several times, you will find that the soreness of the neck and shoulders has been reduced a lot.

The second half of the session 1830

Condition: No eyes, no power, no strength

Solution: The first thing after going home is to remove makeup. Use a makeup remover that is specially used to remove the eyes and face to wash away the cosmetics and fatigue that stay on your face for a day. After cleaning, remember to take a toner moisturizer. It is also a good choice to take a walk in the community after dinner, which helps to digest the food and restore the spirit.

The second half of the session 21:40

Condition: dark circles and eye bags caused by day and night

Solution: Eye Yoga "Candle Light Meditation" can help relax mood, calm your mood, strengthen your eyesight, and learn together: Choose a comfortable sitting position, in the dark room, light a candle in front of 1.5-2 meters In the distance, the height and eyes are on a horizontal line. Stand upright and relax. Close your eyes at the beginning, then open your eyes and look at the candlelight in front. Try not to blink. You can count in your heart and see if you can stick to a few numbers. At the same time, let the sucking relax and calm, but the eyes are tired or have tears. Close your eyes as you flow out; relax your muscles while trying to burn the flames in your eyebrows for a minute. Then open your eyes, stare at the candle again, and then close your eyes and rest. Repeat this 6 times, the gaze time can be increased from 1 minute to 3 minutes or longer, and then rest with the same time, such as soreness, tearing is normal.

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