Make-up small coups help you cover up imperfections

1, how to have a good rest and how to have a clear skin?

Make-up artists only need to use a small bottle of skin tone to make the darkening skin become translucent and shiny! In fact, the quality of the makeup is not the foundation itself, the technique is the most important. First spread the foundation with a foundation brush, then use a sponge to quickly wipe the skin, then gently press the skin with a clean sponge on the other side to create a translucent base.

2. How to cover up dark circles?

Dark circles are caused by the impeded blood flow of capillaries in the skin around the eyes and the precipitation of melanin under the skin. The older the person, the thinner the subcutaneous fat around the eyes becomes, so the dark circles are more pronounced. How can OL, which has heavy work pressure and often stays up late, not have trouble with black smoke? The makeup artist will use the eye-specific concealer pen to decorate the dark circles. The delicate and soft brush head is more convenient to modify the part. The color must be a concealer product that is slightly lighter than the skin color.

3. How can I modify the original imperfect eye shape?

Bright eyes are also one of the winning weapons that entice people's sights! How can I modify the original imperfect eye shape? Eyeliner is the only solution. Even if you create the simplest makeup, the makeup artist won't skip the eyeliner. The round eye shape can be used to stretch and lift the eye through the eyeliner. If the eye distance is wider, the inner corner of the eye can be narrowed by the eyeliner to create a charming eye.

4. How to make the eyelashes long and natural?

In addition to the eyeliner, the prop that can also add charm to the eye makeup is false eyelashes! Naturally curled false eyelashes and exaggerated colored false eyelashes... can meet the needs of different occasions. Of course, if you want to pursue natural and realistic effects, wearing the whole false eyelashes will definitely look fake. You can try to cut the eyelashes into several pieces, then stick them to different positions of the roots of the eyelashes, and finally brush the true and false eyelashes together. To make the true and false eyelashes blend together perfectly.

5, how to apply dry lips?

Some people's lips are particularly dry and even cracked. They look like refugees who have no water after the war, which affects the image. Dry lips are hard to create aesthetics, so make-up artists will definitely prepare a moisturizing lip balm to soften the water-deficient lips and then start to create lip makeup. The lips are long-lasting and hydrated, not afraid of being blown by the wind.

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