[Bicycle class]: A simple way to bid you to say goodbye to the pain in your body

When riding, the position or bicycle is not adjusted properly. After riding, you often feel physical pain. Now for the location of riding pain, list the causes and solutions.

Shoulder pain

The pain that caused this area was mainly because the upper tube of the car was relatively long, the handlebars were relatively low, and the upper limbs supported the body more than your muscle load capacity. The solution was to increase the height of the handlebar and reduce the distance between the handlebar and the seat. The difference in height is to use a combination of shorter tubes.

neck pain

This often appears at the same time as the shoulder pain. The solution is the same as above. What needs to be explained is that, looking at the road ahead, you can first look at the place in front of you, and you can see whether there is a pedestrian crossing or an obstacle that you need to avoid. Judgments need not be decelerated in advance, and then turn to watch nearer road information to see if there are any small stones or pits that need to be evaded. By constantly changing the viewing angle, you can avoid neck pain.


This is often caused by a relatively straight body when riding, because more of the power is burdened at the waist and can cause fatigue at the waist. In this case, the body's center of gravity moves forward in time, pushing down the upper body angle and making the arm more burdensome. Weight, this will reduce the pressure on the waist, the situation can be reduced.

Knee pain

1, [upper knee pain]: Generally occurs when the amount of exercise is relatively large, that is, muscle fatigue, pain is also the method of muscle self-protection. [solution]: Use more small teeth than the line! It is to rely on the fast frequency of the pedal to increase the speed while paying the minimum power! [Seat bag - distance between feet]: The upper knee pain may also be a seat bag - the distance from the foot is relatively short! If this distance is too short, it is easy to complete a pedaling cycle, the leg is always in a state of fatigue, and can not get a rest. The correct seat bag-foot distance value should be the barefoot seat to the seat bag. The heel can just touch the pedal for pedaling, and the buttocks won't move right and left because the foot can't reach the pedal! This distance is also a certain relationship with the flexibility of the leg, good flexibility can increase this distance, otherwise!

2, [back knee pain]: Usually caused by too high height of the seat bag, or a long time without riding, suddenly riding, the body is not suitable to cause. [Solutions]: Reduce the height of the seat, and gradually increase this height as you ride more and more! [Seat bag-foot distance]: The back pain of the knee is caused by the strain of the ligament behind, which is also related to the irregular pedal position!

The correct posture and the correct choice of car size and angle also determine the degree of comfort of the bike to talk about the correct posture:


The correct foot part is the forefoot part. This part is the most flexible to control, and the force is also the easiest. At the same time, it has a certain buffer effect. This is very different from the middle of the foot. When stepping on the tread of a shoe, when the pedal is stepped on the outside, or when the pedal is on the inside, it is the wrong action. In this way, your foot will twist to the right or left on the pedal during the whole pedaling. This will wear out. Your knees are also discomforting your knees as you ride hard, and you're also releasing the force! There are many pedaling techniques in the angle of the ankle. However, for long-distance cycling, the best pedaling technique currently is to keep the ankles at an angle of 90 degrees instead of changing back and forth. This can protect your ankles and balance them. The exertion force is conducive to the improvement of riding comfort and Jinjiang Qixiang Bicycle Club.

Knee action

This is the source of your motivation, this part of the action is the most important! First of all, your knees can't shake right and left while waiting for the tower! Whether to wear back your knees or not, it's most obvious when you go uphill! ! ! About adjustment of the seat before and after the seat! ! ! When the front pedal is horizontal to the ground, your knee and calf should be perpendicular to the ground, not before or after! This will not only affect your exertion, but also lead to an uncomfortable ride!


This is the hardest technology! Some people may say, what's wrong with this? Oh, it's a big mistake to answer this question! The correct pedaling is a perfect force in the positive circle process! It is the balanced power to your car! We usually ride bicycles. Each leg is responsible for a semi-circular range of pedaling, that is, separate force, rather than at the same time! The result of this is that when you speed up, you feel that the car is vertical and horizontal! In fact, that pause is what we often say "foot pedal"! That is, when the two cranks are perpendicular to the ground, the car is basically unforced! How to pedal in every circle! This appears to be a "self-locking", and self-locking appears to be the greatest invention in the bicycle industry! He replaced the inconvenient disadvantages of pedaling before! However, in the pedaling process, one leg can be stepped on while the other leg can be lifted. This cooperation can bring about perfect pedaling, and can also smoothly pass through the foot. Walking point!" But putting on self-shrinking shoes does not mean that you can fundamentally improve your pedaling skills, because you also need to consciously practice the pedaling techniques of one leg while the other leg can be lifted. But as long as you put on it, you can improve a lot. Of course, the comfort is also greatly enhanced.

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