Bai Jianfeng: In the inflation period, it is necessary to strive for cost leadership to consider customer affordability.

On May 10th, 2011, the first “Beijing Brand Furniture and Home Chain Stores Family Meeting and Friendship Dinner” held by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture and Decoration Industry Association Jingpai Furniture Brand Alliance was held in Beijing Shangdong Traders Hotel.

At the association, Actual Home, Ouyada, Xiyingmen, Wanjia and Ouhua Shangmei successively released the company's next development plan and goals, and Beijing-style furniture enterprises also showed their own corporate style. According to reports, this conference aims to jointly create "Beijing furniture cluster brand, advocate brand linkage and overall effect, and reflect the interaction between brands and win-win situation", which is a powerful guarantee for Beijing furniture to expand the market, by supporting the alliance enterprises Establish a mechanism for industry, enterprise and media resource sharing and common development to promote and promote the common optimization and upgrading of the industry.

As the exclusive micro-matrix interview media, Sohu Home has been tracking the whole process. Bai Jianfeng, chairman of Elvis Furniture, accepted an interview with Sohu. The following is an interview.

Chairman of Elvis Furniture Bai Jianfeng

[Moderator]: Hello, Mr. Bai, thank you for accepting the interview with Sohu. The competition in the home industry is becoming more and more fierce. The circulation industry is also the same. What do you think about the market situation this year? What aspects will Elvis Furniture focus on?

The launch of affordable housing provides a good opportunity for the furniture industry to develop.

[Bai Jianfeng]: Due to the restricted purchase of the market environment this year, the National Eight Articles have temporarily affected the sales of the furniture industry, but with the introduction of new policies, it is another opportunity for our enterprises, such as affordable housing, from consumption. The purchase ability and purchase demand, up to the purchase cost, can play a very good role in our cat king steel and wood furniture. The transition of this period will develop in a good direction. In the process of China's two-generation construction, urbanization is itself a “need”. As our industrialized competition is a kind of “supply”, combining government and real estate in supply and demand. Macro-control, the launch of affordable housing is a good development opportunity for our industry.

[Moderator]: What adjustments have been made to the market hotspot Elvis?

[Bai Jianfeng]: The hot spot of attention is still in the marketing strategy, marketing is to ponder the needs of customers, the strategy is to ponder the market competition. Still want us to stand by our target group, wear the customer's shoes, wear the customer's hat, to think about his real needs, and at the same time how to make our products and services different, this requires us to strategically Think about how you can provide valuable products and services to our customer base.

[Moderator]: How does Elvis Furniture provide valuable products and services?

[Bai Jianfeng]: Space utilization experts are our service tenet. It sounds very abstract. In fact, it is an important part of our mission for customers. In terms of individual design, it provides space solutions for home and work environments, while providing customers with better service in terms of time and cost with quality and system standards. Products and services, products are our style and function, service is our creation of the customer's design and space atmosphere, this is from the service point of view.

[Moderator]: This year, not only from raw materials, labor costs, including logistics prices are rising, have we increased the price of Elvis? Will the future be adjusted, and what is the approximate magnitude?

In the inflation period, we must strive for cost priority, consider customer affordability

[Bai Jianfeng]: Everyone is at the current stage of inflation. As far as possible, the price increase should still take into account the customer's tolerance. At the same time, we manage how to reduce costs and increase efficiency. We often ask management to be effective. Through the optimization of our processes, through the stability of our system, and the incentives for our team, we can lead the industry in cost. At the same time of cost leadership, we also need to make our team more competitive through technological innovation, employee incentives, and corporate culture.

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