iPhone bottle cap opener: really enough tide

Have you seen the bottle opener? But Xiao Bian sure you have not seen such a smart bottle opener before! iOpener is a bottle opener for iPhone. It can not only help you open the bottle cap, but also keep track of how many caps you have opened, where and when you drink, and even share it with acebook. , twitter shows off to your friends. Under the assumption, when you were in a nightclub and had not waited for the waiter to open a bottle, you took out the iPhone and opened the cap with the iOpener artifact instantly... Certainly envious eyes! There is also a MM initiative to talk with you.

This magical iOpener bottle opener, the appearance of a bottle opener device embedded in a mobile phone shell, in order to look beautiful, usually open bottle device is scaled in the phone case. When you need to open the bottle cap, just push the button, and the bottle opening device will immediately protrude. iOpener actually includes an accelerometer that triggers the drinking tracking application BevConX once it detects that iOpener is being used. In addition to recording the time, location, and number of bottle openers, the app can pre-set your favorite default beverages to help you find your favorite beverages or discover beverages you never knew existed. iOpener is priced at $30 and is currently available in black and white. The device only supports 3G/3GS for the time being. The model for the iPhone 4 is coming soon.


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