Korean glamorous actress temperament big PK

With the popularity of Korean dramas, I believe that many beautiful Korean actresses are gradually becoming familiar with us, especially the following ones, all of whom are women who are very popular in Korea! Let us appreciate their refined temperament.

Zhang Yizhen

Zhang Yizhen

Sun Yizhen, born in an ordinary family in South Korea, was not very beautiful when she was a child. At the age of 18, Sun Yizhen became a slim beautiful girl and was admitted to the film department of Seoul Art University. During his college days, Sun Yizhen, like other students, began to make a few small characters in the long TV series of several major TV stations in Korea.

She first won the opportunity in the two TV series of MBC. Although she played all the insignificant little characters, Sun Yizhen officially entered the entertainment circle.

In 2005, Sun Yizhen and Bae Yongjoon cooperated with "Going Out". After the film was released, the praise was continued. Sun Yizhen's position in the Asian film industry was consolidated. Then she made a big breakthrough in the sexy image and starred in the "Palace of the Law." In 2007, Sun Yizhen starred in "The Millennium Fox." In 2008, she became a femme fatale in "Undefended City". After winning the Qinglong Award in the performance of "My Wife Wants to Marry," she also performed a TV series "Spotlight" with Chi Jinxi. Professional woman.

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