Make-up skills reveal the villagers

Want to get rid of the ordinary image of the village? Then quickly learn the most innovating makeup techniques and transform them together. Sweet makeup, turning around is no longer a dream.

I want to be refreshed - the makeup is in place first.

The skin looks like “a pure and flawless skin texture like a newborn baby” with a little powdery texture, but it is not a skin that has been modified with a foundation and loses its natural skin. Therefore, after using the isolation and foundation, when the concealer is used for concealing, the brow bone and the inner corner of the eye should be aggravated, which not only covers the dullness, but also makes the nose of our Asians “stand up”.

You know, the high nose is also created by the modification of the shadows. According to the original skin color of this reader, when using the foundation for the makeup of the T area, U area, and O area, it is necessary to choose the foundation color closest to the skin tone, the yellow color, and the natural color of the skin color. The angles look very natural, and finally the powder is set on the makeup, and the makeup is finished.

Deep eye shadow - starting with outlines of the eye

Since the eyelids of Europeans and Americans are deeper than those of Asians, the sense of depth in eye makeup can only be enhanced by the makeup. Use the eyes of the earth to make a base, low-key and warm.

"Apple muscle" blush - neutral tone blush

Step1: Use the medium-sized flat brush to capture the eye shadow of the base color, and swipe back and forth in the large area of ​​the eyelids. Try to be as uniform as possible, pay attention to the strength of the pen.

Step 2: Use the small eye shadow brush to draw the deep-colored golden eyes, and outline the eyeshadow at the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid to increase the depth of the eyes.

Step 3: It is recommended to use an eyeliner pen instead of an eyeliner to outline the eyeliner because the pen tip of the eyeliner is smoother and more delicate.

Step 4: Brush the blush with a bevel angle of 45°, then smile and swipe from the cheek to the ear. According to her face shape, it is more suitable for the long strip of blush brush.

Have an academic, three-dimensional eyebrow

The three-dimensional shape of the eyebrow will give you an overall bonus. The makeup artist especially recommends using the eyebrow powder thrush instead of the eyebrow pencil to easily draw a natural eyebrow effect.

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