Girls love to walk alone "not to go the unusual way, only love strangers" undesirable

Narrator: Qingdao Wang Lin

Occupation: Running Tea Company

Experience: Once he resigned, traveled alone for a year and a half, walked the Sichuan Dahuan Line, the Western Sichuan Small Ring Line, the Sichuan-Tibet line, and Southeast Asian countries.

Seeing that Wei Yin’s little sister has suffered misfortune, as a person who had walked alone, especially when she saw what her classmates described, it’s not good to start with a hunch. Diqing, Yunnan, I have not been to, but with the understanding of Sichuan, Yunnan, Tibet and other places, know that there is definitely a deserted area with few people and no shadows. In such a place, the possibility of being rescued by external forces before the mishap occurred is extremely low. If it is a strong person of Kong Wu, it may be able to fight offenders. Single females are basically fighting and shouting and resisting, and they do not help.

I talked about some of the examples that I personally encountered or heard. I told the voice of our independent women: Our blood is full of wandering bright red, and everyone has the urge to travel long distances. However, we are women, single, and travelers carrying certain property, we must have more awareness and experience in prevention.

First, it is not recommended that you “don’t go the unusual way and only love strangers”

Once, this moving slogan made us enthusiastic. Under close scrutiny, it's not quite right. Compared with the unusual experience of life and the extraordinary experience of being more precious, it is even more important that every time we go on a long journey. In the face of the beautiful temptation of nature, life is more important. It must be safe enough to explore the unknown. Do not take risks and put yourself in isolation.

For strangers, besides love and care, we should always be alert and maintain proper vigilance. Good people are bad people, not always. I think that most of the bad guys are not bad guys. They are only good people who are tempted under the premise of a mature criminal environment.

Therefore, as a solitary schoolgirl, she must be rational enough to treat all people as bad people and may be safer. For example, if a person encounters a donkey in a strange place, he or she can communicate properly, but for more information on him, be sure to keep it. ALICE is also good and bad, once saw donkeys drifting on the road all year round, starting on ALICE, stealing money and defrauding money.

Second, keep texting while riding

In Daocheng, Xiangcheng, Litang, Batang, Zuogong, Tibet, Alibaba, Everest in Tibet, Yushu in Qinghai, and Baiyu in Sichuan, there are occasional cars on the highway. Some places can't find the shuttle bus, or the shuttle bus is sent from time to time. We need to use local transportation, such as passing trucks and motorcycles. At this time, we should handle it with caution.

My experience of passing trucks on the Sichuan-Tibet line made me understand that walking alone is “a must-see for people”. I got a ride in Batang and finally took a Chengdu-brand truck. There are two men in the driver plus the owner. I used Unicom mobile phones at the time. Actually there was no signal, but I pretended to have a signal. I used to watch it from time to time, then pretend to send a text message and then shut down. When I first got on the bus, I asked to see the driver’s license, the truck’s annual inspection logo, the truck license plate, etc., pretending to send a short message and explaining that this was the family’s request and that a message must be sent back every two hours. . If the home cannot be received regularly, it will call the police.

The driver laughed at me at that time. There are many good people in the world. How do I think others think so badly? However, the fact is that these two people who claim to be good people have unsuccessful attempts and actions in the middle of the night and cannot finally be punished. If it was not during the day, I had been pretending to contact my family and still pretending to send a text message at the end of the day, saying that I would be spending some night with someone somewhere in a specific place. I thought I wouldn’t get away from it.

It's also important to remind that although it's not all that bad people are bad guys, but always said, and always reluctant to give up on a topic, you have to think more about whether this person is interested in temptation. For example, the driver had been telling how the female donkey could be opened. When I am silent or show that I do not want to listen to such a topic, the other party is also relished, so be careful. Such a person may have a bad intention.

When taking a ride, you should write down the other license plate number, or ask the other party's mobile phone to send this information to family and friends. Prepare to give back a gift in the future as a preparation or directly tell the request of the family. It is not intended to offend.

Third, walking on the road, wealth is not exposed

To ensure safety, the most important point is that the wealth will not be exposed. The bike riders of the Sichuan-Tibet line generally pass word of mouth and in certain places, they will experience robbery. I once heard people say that a visitor took a photo with a camera worth 10,000 yuan, met with a robber and was robbed. Therefore, girls who travel alone will dress themselves up to get closer to the locals' standard of living and they will be safer. They will be armed with short guns and cannons. They will bring out the latest Apple phones, carry computers, and will be gorgeous and expensive. They may become bad guys. Fat sheep.

Others show off their wealth, I will wear poor. Loading poor people on the road will not make people with red eyes and hurt themselves. For example, when staying at a hotel in Kathmandu, the waitress asks for the price of my laptop every day. At that time, my purchase price was 16,000 yuan. I told him that it would cost 2,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan, and even if the price is not even worth now, it will be 1,000 yuan. The waiter listened, pointing to their computer and saying that it was more expensive than you.

If I find out who cares about my baggage, I simply talk to the other person without paying attention, and then, as if I was self-deprecating, I am a tourist who can only afford food and clothing. Therefore, my backpack has been used for many years and my hiking shoes have been worn by dogs for many times. I will boast that the other side is richer than me. "Just me, more shabby." To make others happy is to reduce their hurt your heart. Someone once asked me how much I spent for a day. If you are a youth hostel with the room's donkey, I will report it in detail. But if you just ask the same person on the train or car, I will make a false report and say the cheapest. In addition, if the other party said that I use good things, I would say that when you buy expensive, but electronic things are expensive to buy, get your hands on the discount, and now you buy, 300 dollars to buy better than me. This is not a flicker, but self-protection.

In the outdoors, if you are single, you are advised not to wear SLR. The simplest model is a small measure to avoid injury. Some photographers say that taking beautiful scenery is one of life's pursuits and it is necessary to take SLR. I also feel a contradiction. When I was alone, I put the SLR in my backpack and tossed it out, put it in, pulled it out, and put it in. I am worried that if I do not put in a backpack, only when I am one can easily become the target of others. Once in the foothills of Lugu Lake, at 8 o'clock in the morning, one person walked from Riegl to Dazui Village. The mountains were empty and only birds singed. More than half an hour later, a motorcycle passed. Every time I hear a motorcycle, I will put up the SLR, or hide it in a black jacket, leaning against the mountain, looking at the direction of the car and watching them walk away. Until noon, more people, I was hanging SLR walk.

Fourth, don't expose yourself as a person

I think that Wei Yin’s sister had the opportunity to save herself many times and she missed her. For example, beside the gas station, you can chat with the staff more and ask them about your destination. Talk more and leave more clues. For example, let more people know that you and the motorcycle driver are strangers, not acquaintances; let more people know your identity, this may shock the murderer, let him understand that you are not the air no one knows. He had to think about the police after the crime came to investigate, and he could easily find him following this clue.

I often talk with the people I meet when the car is parked. If someone asks me, are you alone? I will definitely say, no, several people, but someone is waiting for me somewhere. Or, my boyfriend is waiting for me at the inn. He is lazy and doesn't like moving. You have to let the people who are listening to your news scruples. You are not alone. People are waiting for you not far. If you lose news, someone will immediately know and start looking for you.

For example, when I was in Varanasi, India, who asked me if I was alone, I would say: “How dare one person come out to play? I am timid, several people. They are waiting for me in front.” At the Ajanta Cave, In the deep mountain sculpture group, I just told people who followed. If you feel that you are in danger, you can pretend to be together with people who are looking at the tourists and say a few words. This will make it difficult for people to follow.

Fifth, in the face of danger, life is the most important

Many netizens said that I am afraid I no longer dare to travel alone. The misfortune of Wei Yin’s younger sister really reminded us to wake up. Only the good people in the world are still more. More travel alone has a good memory, return safely. We can travel alone, but we must remain fearful.

We can go to a place where people smoke everywhere, but we must listen to people. For example, the locals tell you that where there is no security, we should not be confused by the beauty and stay on the road. When I was in Lulang, Tibet, I was determined to go to the snow-capped valley in the farthest of a scenic spot, and I found horses and negotiated the price. At this time, a Tibetan cadre brought people to play. He looked at me alone and advised me to pay attention to safety. Hearing me to go to a ranch in the distance, he expressed opposition and said that it was not safe. Later, when Lin Zhi met him again, he told me that there were women tourists who had disappeared there before. The police suspected that they were being trafficked or killed. I think traveling alone, the biggest enemy is myself. We should learn to give up and overcome ourselves and challenge our previous experiences. Those are clouds.

The altitude sickness also needs attention. At the beginning of the Lhasa Drepung Monastery, I was also alone. Looking back now, there are some places where one should not go. Behind the main hall of the Drepung Monastery there are many old squatter huts. These places are all connected by the narrow lanes. They have been abandoned for many years, except for occasional visitors who cannot see people at all.

If you meet the dead, you can't escape life if you say hello. However, I think that most of them are temporary robbers who have become monks. Therefore, do not panic. It may be that the other party is not a recidivist. It will not immediately start thinking about killing people. Personally, even if a girl is invaded, she will be better off. What is the most bitter thing in the world? For young people, money is gone and the days are still there. For parents? Absolutely a lifetime, the child goes first. Therefore, in the event of misfortune, first voluntarily give up money, take out all to the other party, and then tell each other that their own home is also poor, all this is accumulated in the work, all to him, and shows that he will not forget he put Pass your own Ende. Do not fight with each other, you can not beat a man working every day. In addition, female singles pay attention to the fact that virginity is precious, but life is more precious than life. Our life is not just one's own, but a rational society will not cast aside the victim.

Sixth, learn to observe others and prevent bad people

Every bad person has signs before he does bad things. Observing them carefully and taking them as a person are the best ways to protect himself. For example, to master simple psychology, people's psychological activities will eventually be reflected in the face and body language. For example, liars, most of them will be uncertain and their eyes will turn around, indicating that the brain is moving at a high speed. If the crime is interested in you, you will definitely keep an eye on you. You don't care about appearance, but you won't miss your every move. He will not consciously approach you, listen to what you say, and ask you some specific things.

In addition to veterans, novices are doomed to have more clues that can draw our attention. At this time, if we are low vigilance and trust the good children of others, it is very likely that we will not go deep into the analysis and we will enter the fire pit. For example, if a person makes an endless introduction, it is very likely that you will not think of time and will not let you notice.

Do not veto your sixth sense of women. Feeling bad, it would rather hurt the self-esteem of others, but also stop. For example, Wei Yin, if she finds a way to catch a day earlier, she goes further and more remotely. When someone stops smoking, he is called to stop and may be useful.

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