Evaluation: detailed relief Deville blinds wardrobe

The board is high-density MDF, six-sided edge-sealing, embossed grain-grain paper on the pressing surface, melamine surface, moisture-proof and waterproof, has a certain hardness, is not easy to scratch, feels wrong, many colors, there are 18mm, 25mm, 35mm And 46mm four thickness, 18mm board is the most common board, generally used for cabinets, 35mm and 46mm board are honeycomb panels, generally used as countertops, such as desks, bed stools and so on.

The edge sealing of the board is a problem that most customers can easily ignore. In fact, the panel furniture and the edge banding are very important. It shoulders the mission of protecting the edge, waterproofing, releasing harmful gas and reducing deformation.

Deville's edge banding is firmly flattened with the end face of the board. The joints with other faces have no defects such as bottoming, chipping and large gaps. The transition is natural, smooth and smooth. not bad. Deville's plates and edge strips have logos, please look for its logo.

Hardware accessories are easily overlooked by consumers in the closet. In fact, I don't know, many times the entire cabinet is deformed or damaged due to the quality of the hardware. Therefore, we must not ignore this little thing when shopping.

The lower rail is a groove, which is more difficult to clean and jump. Fortunately, the track of the wardrobe generally has a pad. It can reduce the situation where the track enters the foreign object and the track jumps.

Deville's pulleys are made of fiberglass, wear-resistant and load-bearing. The wardrobe door did not have any noise during the push-pull process, and the hand feels very smooth and effortless, very good.

The most impressive thing is that the frame and plate of Dewei wardrobe door are various in color, but they can be matched one by one, there is no color difference, and not only the plate and the frame are very fine relief patterns, which is relatively rare, so the whole wardrobe is very harmonious and unified. High grade. In addition, its wardrobe door is very light and easy to push and pull, even if it is 2.7M high, it does not feel particularly heavy and swaying, very light. However, there are two points to note. First, the design of the louver is easy to cause a clean "blind zone". When cleaning, don't forget to clean the gap between the semicircle and the semicircle. Second, the lower rail is a groove. Always clean the dirt in the groove to avoid Causes a jump.

Green Chalkboard

Green is sensitive, it is the most delicate and color in the green, you will not feel it glaring. It is easygoing, but not mediocre, it is quiet, but not hoarse. In all the bright colors, it is a good moral coordinator, connecting the earth and the sky... The brown color in the earth color, whether it is reddish or yellowish, can be harmonious with the dark green. And the blue in the sky It is beautifully blended with the white through the green. If there is no green transition, it will be two pale hopes of hopelessness. Green is a very elegant color, bright and have vitality.  Green is like a simple aristocrat, with elegant and fragrant from the garden, dark green like a sly queen, with a calm and sexy atmosphere, calm and vivid. So Green is also suitable as decorating wallpaper. Dry erase function can achieve the owner's all imagination of wall design by painting. Our Green Chalkboards not only meets these needs, but also be receptive to magnets due to its material, bring more funny possibility.

Green Whiteboard

Green Chalkboard

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