Blocking melanin spring whitening new program

The increasingly warmer weather makes the UV active, coupled with the thicker pollen environment and the unbalanced body circulation, all internal pressure and external pressure, make our skin more dull and rough, melanin precipitation makes our skin tone uneven . So we must stop from the source before the formation of melanin, let the skin whiten before the summer comes!

Blocking melanin from the source

Blocking melanin from the source

In fact, the dull skin color and the formation of pigmentation are caused by various internal and external pressures, which cause various problems in the formation of melanin. So we have to block melanin from the source, a blemish whitening essence is definitely a good helper. In the process of using the blemish essence product, the massage with appropriateness can enhance the use effect!

Lancome Precision Spotlight Whitening Essence

Editor's Choice: Lancome Precision Spotted Whitening Essence 830 yuan / 30ml

This is a technology-oriented blemish essence product. This essence extracts a lot of essence from the complete yeast, which can greatly improve the repair of keratin and accelerate the decomposition of melanin. Thoroughly clear excess melanin from the cells in the dermis, leaving the skin no longer dull, reducing the white skin of porcelain dolls.

Keep your skin hydrated

Keep your skin hydrated

In fact, skin whitening, freckle work can not help with water, so moisturizing is the process of never leaving whitening skin care. Because proper moisture is added during this process, the skin's metabolism can be maintained, which can accelerate the whitening and freckle.

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