Evaluation: stylish and elegant TATA wooden door products

Overall impression of TATA wooden door series evaluation

Aesthetics is the soul of the product---TATA's products are known for their simple and fashionable style. Due to the great emphasis on product development, TATA has a large R&D team; TATA's product positioning serves the white-collar home environment. “With a rich and cultural environment”, the first creates beauty and the second creates products. Over the years, TATA's new product introduction in the national building materials exhibition has always been the focus of attention, and all previous national design awards have won the gold medal.

TATA wooden door series evaluation process details

This door introduced in this issue is mostly used in the bathroom, which has good light transmission and at the same time can shield personal privacy. From the overall style of the door, it has obvious aestheticism and modernity, and the style is biased towards modern simplicity.

TATA wooden door series evaluation process details

The door frame line and the sleeve of this door are made of solid wood composite material, which is consistent with the material of the door panel. This kind of door frame can reduce the chance of lifting and deformation due to moisture.

The glass pattern is finely worked, and the glass thickness reaches 10mm. The whole piece of glass is inlaid in the door panel, which tests the excellent workmanship of the door panel, and adds space in the bathroom.

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