2012 trend home trends re-examine traditional decoration

1. Design features first

Practical functionalist renovations will arise. Home decoration is centered on people and families to meet functional needs and strive to create a comfortable home environment. The decoration and decoration of various home styles pay attention to simplicity and brightness, emphasizing people-oriented, less and less demanding for complex shapes, and even abandoning the cumbersome decoration with weak function.

2. Style farewell to stand alone

The design began to be in line with internationalization, and the style tends to be diversified. Chinese style, Japanese style, Korean style, classical style, neo-classical style, modern style, post-modern style and European style emerge together. At the same time, the designer's level and design quality are getting more and more attention. To find excellent designers in excellent home improvement companies, and to discuss the excellent home design solutions become the premise of home decoration.

3. Pure color is popular

The color of the home improvement will be more bold and flexible. Blue, light yellow and light pink are outdated, pure yellow, apple green, sea blue and dark gray, and even red and other colors are used more. The calm and individualized brown furniture such as cabinets, coffee tables and dining tables and chairs are highly regarded by successful people. The red and pink color is the main color of sofas and bedding. Wood-finished furniture has withdrawn from the mainstream, and materials such as oil blending and fireproof panels have become increasingly popular due to their rich colors.

4. Slot light, spotlight, crystal chandelier are abandoned

Lighting is an important factor in home decoration, not only to decorate but also to be practical, such as dining, reading, watching TV, etc. have a specific light source. Slot lamps and spotlights waste power, and the illumination is not high, and a large amount of heat is accumulated locally, which is easy to cause safety hazards; crystal chandeliers occupy space and are expensive, and have been replaced by lamps with different shapes, bright colors and clear lighting levels.

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