Stress counterattack, don’t waste your face again

Stress, the number one keyword in current generations of urban life. The American Psychological Association survey shows that money, work, and maintaining love rank among the top three in mental stress. And the most direct side effect of them is to drag your face. When the skin is tortured by them, can you bear this breath? of course not! Pressure counterattack, now the hammer opens!

The American Psychological Association survey shows that money, work, and maintaining love are the three most stressful mental pressures, and you have a lot of attention in your life, such as a monthly bank bill, a swearing workplace, and a smooth workplace. One can't help but swipe the BF of the next leg. All of the above are bundled with your high-voltage line. When the intensity is reached, you can completely ruin your face...

8 signals remind you of the road that is being abandoned

● Three sloshing, still a few acne gatherings every month.

● I don’t remember when it was the last time I laughed.

●The number of makeup removals is obviously more and more.

● Drink more water or dry your lips.

● A lateral groove can be felt on the nail.

●The hair loss on the comb is more than before.

● Although it is very sleepy, you can't fall asleep right away.

● Always remember the dreams of the night.

If you match any point, it means that you have not escaped the pressure of the clutch.

Aggregate positive energy to offset long-term pressure negative integral

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