Learning Big S's Devil Whitening Collection

Big S has become a veritable "beauty king" in the entertainment industry! Now everyone please open your eyes, because Big S is very sincere in her first beauty care book, to fully disclose the skin care products that she feels really easy to use and beauty. Let's learn. !

Big S's whitening book

Eat the skin's tenderness

If you want to be a toilet paper or a fluorescent lamp, you should also eat it very carefully! If you want to be as white as the skin of my beauty king, some foods must not be eaten, including nine-story towers, parsley, celery, carrots and papaya. The nine-story tower, coriander and celery contain light-absorbing agents. After eating them, they will be darkened when they encounter sunlight. Carrots and papayas are red because they are red, and they are reddish or yellowish after eating too much. These are medicines. The information has been confirmed.

I have a friend who wants to have a healthy and dark skin. I will eat carrots and papayas for a long time, and then go to the sun. As a result, the skin will be yellow, yellow and black. It is magical. So if you want to whiten and eat carrots and papayas every day, even if you can't maintain it, it won't be very white! There is also a principle that the king insists that black food is not eaten, such as soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, coffee, etc., unless I have to reduce swelling, will drink black coffee! I have told you with more than ten years of whitening experience that to eat more of these foods: vitamin C, almonds, milk, soy milk and pearl powder!

â—ŽWhitening Patch 1: Vitamin C

Vitamin C contains whitening effect, but vitamin C is best to eat vitamin C capsules, or foamed vitamin C ingots, which is the kind that will be foamed and dissolved in water, and should be eaten sooner or later. Because vitamin C is too much ingested, it will be discharged with the urine and will not accumulate in the body. It may be necessary to add some at night. As for vitamin C ingots or vitamin C soft candy, the effect is very limited.

â—ŽWhitening Patch 2: Almond

Almonds, like vitamin C, must be consumed every day. Alcohol powder is soaked in milk or soy milk, and the whitening effect can be seen quickly.

â—Ž whitening big patch 3: pearl powder

I don't know if it's a coincidence. I think white food is easy to turn white, like almonds, milk, soy milk and pearl powder. In the market, there is a package of pearl powder, which is taken every morning and evening, and has a good whitening effect. Pearl powder can also be applied to the face with the mask, used in the lip balm to protect the lips, used in hand cream for hand protection. It is always in the forefront of my whitening posts!

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