On the Application Skills of Two-color Printing in Books

Two-color printed books are very common now, and one of our books has also used this printing method recently. To this end, discussed with the typesetting company related typesetting skills. At the same time also checked some two-color printing materials.

In the early years, the common two-color printing was usually "black + red" or "black + blue". To put it simply, it is to extract two of the four colors in CMYK printing. Because yellow has limited recognition when used alone, it is not conducive to reading, so there is no combination of "black + yellow".

However, the colors printed by red and blue alone are quite dazzling, which makes people feel less upscale. As the cost of spot color printing is reduced, this processing method has also been introduced in two-color printing. You can use the spot color ink you need with black, so that the color becomes richer. At present, we are making a book that uses the "black + imitation gold" processing method, the layout and cover are unified.

In fact, it is not correct to simply define two-color printing as "black + spot color". As long as it is a mixed printing of two inks, it can be called two-color printing. In other words, we can use two spot colors. This is often used in many experimental image processing. Just like the "two-color ice cream" that everyone had eaten as a child, two different flavors (colors) are mixed together, and there are various possibilities.

Of course, printing costs also need to be considered in printing. The ink cost of spot color printing is more expensive than the ink in conventional CMYK after all. The PANTONE spot color ink is more expensive than the ink mixed by the printing plant itself. Therefore, we need to combine the cost and the final effect in the design, choose the appropriate method, and spend the limited cost to achieve the best possible effect.

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