Prospect analysis of laser imagesetter

In recent years, with the development of computer-to-plate (CTP) technology and digital printing technology, the use of laser phototypesetting machines has been greatly impacted. With the widespread use of CTP technology and digital printing machines, laser phototypesetting machines How long is it? Can it continue to develop? The answer is yes. Although CTP technology and digital printing presses are fierce, laser phototypesetters still have a huge market because of their own advantages. The main reason is:

1. After many years of development, the laser imagesetter has been fully mature in technology, stable and reliable performance, diverse functions, complete varieties and specifications, thorough service, a large user base, and a large market share. It is difficult to be replaced. In addition, the majority of laser imagesetter manufacturers and film production companies still recognize the use of film, and more importantly, they are constantly developing laser phototypesetting technology.

2. After many years of production and operation, laser phototypesetter production enterprises have recovered various investments, and enterprises can operate at low profits. Therefore, the price of laser phototypesetter equipment is relatively cheap, coupled with the relatively low cost of films and plates, and high cost performance In order to reduce costs, the majority of small and medium-sized printing enterprises are widely used and are more suitable for investment by small and medium-sized investors.

3. In the traditional process, the film is easy to check, modify, and splice, which is convenient for process adjustment and flexible operation. It can be saved and used repeatedly to obtain maximum economic benefits.

4. Although CTP and digital printing systems have entered the sales market and brought a certain impact on the entire industry, it is far from achieving the expected results. At present, there is no strong market demand in China. Most CTP systems or digital The printing machine is only installed in large-scale printing enterprises for its own use, and has not formed a good market network, which has little impact on the laser phototypesetting market.

It can be seen that the traditional film output still has a large living space in the future printing market. As long as the business philosophy of pursuing high quality and low price is pursued, the laser phototypesetter has strong vitality.

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