A small comparison of knife, fence and hybrid folding machines

Knife folding machine

The knife folding machine uses a folding knife to press the paper into the horizontal seam of two rotating folding rollers, and completes the folding process by the friction between the two rollers and the paper. This folding machine has high folding accuracy and can fold all printed sheets, but covers a large area.

Fence folding machine

The fence folding machine moves the moving paper along the fence through the folding roller to the baffle, and bends and folds the paper under the friction of the folding roller. This folding machine is fast and covers a small area, but it is not suitable for folding large, thin and soft paper.

Folding knife hybrid folding machine

The grid knife hybrid folding machine is a folding machine with both a knife folding mechanism and a fence folding mechanism. The folding speed of this folding machine is faster than that of knife folding machine.

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