Glitter powder introduction

Glitter powder is also known as: gold powder, silver powder, gold dots, silver dots, sequins, polycrystalline powder, glitter powder, glitter powder, glitter film. Including aluminum, polyester glitter powder, colorful powder, American colorful powder, Symphony powder, laser glitter powder, etc. There are aluminum materials, PET film, PVC film, rainbow film, laser film. Size specification (size) 1/8 (3.0mm) 0.125, 1/10 (2.5mm) 0.1, 1/12 (2.0mm) 080, 1/16 (3.0mm) 060, 1/24 (1.0mm) 040, 1/32 (0.8mm) 030, 1/40 (0.6mm) 025, 1/64 (0.4mm) 015, 1/96 (0.3mm) 010, 1/128 (0.2mm) 008, 1/170 (0.15 mm) 006, 1/256 (0.1mm) 004, 1/360 (0.08mm) 003, 1/500 (0.005mm) 002. Shapes are hexagonal (hexagonal, prismatic), quadrangular (square), long (rectangular) and irregular shapes, gold and silver powder are available in a variety of colors. Various materials of gold and silver powder can withstand high temperature to varying degrees (from 80 * C, 180 * C, 300 * C). Gold and silver powder can be used in the main forms of injection, silk screen, coating, spraying, and can be used on paper, cloth, wood, metal, leather goods, plastic, ceramics and other materials to form special or eye-catching effects such as decoration or reflection.

Mainly used for decoration and decoration, it can increase the brightness, brightness and reflectance of the product. Compared with other items with only flat colors, the use of glitter powder can make your product unique and dynamic, thus opening up the market for you. .

Product Features:

Aluminum wafer can withstand 250-300 ℃ high temperature and acid and alkali resistance. Polyester wafer can withstand 170 ℃ high temperature and acid and alkali resistance. PVC can withstand temperatures from 50 ° C to 70 ° C, but not acids and alkalis. The product is non-toxic and odor-free.

Product Usage:

Widely used in Christmas decoration, paint, ink, leather, fabric printing, paper printing, couplets, cosmetics (nail polish, eye shadow, etc.) weaving trademarks, accessories, handicrafts, fashion, decorative fabrics, ties, gift packaging, textile printing, artificial rubber Flowers, silk flowers, artificial fruits, craft gifts, Christmas gifts, glitter glue, greeting card pens, resin crafts, glass crafts, craft candles, cultural and sports supplies, screen printing and other industries, toys, heat transfer, plastic products and other industries

Usage: injection molding, coating, screen printing, spraying, spraying, etc.

Production procedures:

Material PET ---- vacuum aluminizing ---- high temperature coloring ---- material striping ---- cutting powder ---- screening ---- packing

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