How to draw a delicate makeup 6 steps to make you three-dimensional beauty

How to draw a delicate makeup 6 steps to make you three-dimensional beauty

Step 1: Apply the base cream.

The base lotion has a concealing effect. Applying a base lotion on the face can significantly reduce the facial stains, and can also modify the pores to make the face white and smooth.

Practice: In order to evenly distribute the base milk on the face, first apply the base cream on the hand, then push the base milk evenly over the face, and extend it from the center of the face to gently spread it until it is pressed. Naturally distributed.

Step 2: Eye concealer

Before you apply the liquid foundation, it is best to use a soft concealer to cover off the skin around the skin and cover it. Apply concealer from the eye area first, which will make the makeup more perfect and eliminate your skin's dullness. Troubled.

Practice: Place the concealer product on the eye and carefully push it with your fingers to spread it around the eye. At the same time, concealer products left on your fingers can also be used on the eyelids. This eye decoration can make your makeup look more attractive.

Step 3: Apply liquid foundation

Use a sponge to draw the liquid foundation, then spread the sponge outward from the center of the face. At the same time, do not miss the nose. Push the sponge along the sides of the nose by hand. Remember to avoid the concealer. Periocular area.

Step 4: Modify the details and apply the corners

After the entire face is probably applied, don't apply other makeup. It is especially important to modify the facial details. You can use the corner of the sponge to apply the edges of the face, the sides of the nose, and so on. It is best to apply the liquid foundation after applying the liquid foundation, which will speed up the makeup. Finally, use a sponge to apply the chin, starting from the left and right corners of the mouth.

Step 5: Brush the powder

The powder can make the base makeup last longer. The method of wiping the powder is similar to the above, and the powder is gently brushed from the center of the face to the outside by hand. During the process of brushing the powder, the powder should be evenly distributed on the face.

Step 6: Concealer pen

In order to effectively cover facial spots, acne marks, etc., it is also necessary to use a concealer after applying the primer, liquid foundation, and honey powder. Use a concealer to make your skin look perfect and shine. Practice: Apply on a flawed skin with a concealer, then gently spread it evenly with your fingers. If you apply a little powder, your face will naturally look attractive. >>> Makeup artist teaches you to paint blush and face makeup

Want to draw a fascinating perfect makeup, every step should be noted, and the makeup is particularly important, you guys may wish to try.

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