3 types of makeup remover usage strategy

Girls should know that no matter how busy they are during the day and how tired they are at home, they must not forget to remove makeup. Skin is the capital of your beautiful charm. We should take good care of it. We must do a good job of removing makeup . Today, we will teach you how to use different makeup removers and pay attention to it.

3 types of makeup remover usage strategy

Weapon 1 Cleansing Oil makes heavy makeup look like

Lethality: ★★★★★

Cleansing oil is an emulsifier-added fat that blends with the make-up on the face and then emulsifies in water to remove all the dirt on the face. Cleansing oil is much more convenient than traditional makeup removers. The concept of “oil-soluble oil” is basically no problem. If you don’t rely on “oil” to remove makeup, you must rely on strong “strong surfactant”, but relatively irritating “surfactant”, and surfactant is sensitive. It is even more unsafe for the skin.

Face makeup remover

Step1: Press the cleansing oil bottle, press 3-4 times, and put it on the palm of your hand.

Step2: The following bar is the center and the starting point. The direction is from the bottom to the top, from the middle to the sides, so that the force is pulled from the inside out.

Step3: Gradually shift your hands to your cheeks. You can massage in a circular motion and massage from the inside out to make your face makeup fully dissolved.

Step4: Next, slowly massage your hands to the temples, push the forehead from the middle to the sides, and gently massage upwards at the end of the eyes.

Step5: Don't miss the make-up of the lower jaw and the contour of the face. It also needs to be floated out by massage.

Step6: Finally, use 40-degree warm water to fully emulsifie the cleansing oil. The emulsification time must be sufficient. Try not to have any residue.

Emulsification must be thorough.

Characteristics: not suitable for daily use

Cleansing oil is the most cleansing product in all make-up removers, so it is recommended to use it in heavy makeup. Due to its strong cleaning power, it is not recommended to use it every day, especially when using only sunscreen or isolation, it may over-clear the stratum corneum and make the skin sensitive and fragile.

Tips for use: Hands are the best tool

People are accustomed to put the cleansing oil on the cotton pad to remove makeup, which will not only inadvertently increase the amount of cleansing oil, cause waste, but also easily damage the facial skin by the strength and technique of using the cotton pad. It is the best way to pour cleansing oil on both hands and then remove makeup with a circular massage.

Taboo: no added water emulsion cleansing oil

An important step in cleansing oil is to use it after emulsification. If you apply the cleansing oil to your face, wipe it off with a paper towel, or rinse it directly with plenty of water. The cleansing oil is not completely emulsified and cannot be completely removed. The substance may cause pores to clog and cause acne. Be sure to add water to your face after massage with cleansing oil , so that the emulsifier in the cleansing oil can exert the maximum effect in order to achieve the best makeup removal effect.

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