756PC UV Spectrophotometer Manual

Function: Automatic wavelength, keyboard input, wavelength setting and conversion is faster. First-order zero-crossing, concentration direct reading test (752) A standard curve of up to 12 standard points can be established, the calibration curve fitting degree can be saved, 50 curve parameters can be saved, and 200 test records can be saved. System clock management, light source management, USB data interface. Dark current correction, wavelength correction, lamp switching wavelength setting. UV-Solution workstation software with various testing and scanning functions (756PC)

Three-sides sealing bags are one of the most common plastic bags. It is a high barrier bag made of plastic film. The bag usually consists of 4 sides, 3 of which have been heating sealed, leaving aside for the product. The three-sides sealing bag of  Gonfor Package can be printed up to 12 colors,  width reach to 125cm, and can be used for heavy packaging of 25KG.

High-quality packaging is not only the outerwear of the product but also the bridge between the enterprise and the consumer.

Three Sides Sealing Bag

Three Sides Sealing Bag, Flat Sealing Pouch, Seeds Packaging Bag

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